Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Feeling at Home with the Booth Brothers - Concert Recap

It's not often that I get to see the Booth Brothers. Normally it's only once a year at Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic. So I was excited to know that they would not only be in concert in Central Arkansas but at my home church! We have a lot of southern gospel connections within the church, but it's not often we have a group in concert. When we do though, we get one of the best!

We were the last stop for the Booth Brothers on a 10 day tour. Michael joked that they had been looking forward to coming to our church the most.

Booth Brothers - Ronnie Booth, Jim Brady and
Michael Booth
They started the night with "Let It Be Known" and then sang "In Christ Alone." It was such a powerful performance, a favorite of mine! The group then sang two songs from their tribute album to Bill and Gloria Gaither, "Because He Lives" and "Let the Healing Begin." Their harmonies on the latter were just incredible!

Next, they sang "I'm Free," which featured Jim Brady. Loved to hear him sing this! Beautiful song!

They then sang their Southern Gospel Samba, "All Over the World." Michael joked with Gerald Williams (former Melody Boys bass singer) who was in the audience that they probably never sang that type of song.

Ronnie came up and told the story of their dad, how he started out in gospel music but then became an alcoholic. He came off the road and had become a successful businessman, but it was all taken away. He went to a place for alcoholics that a church ran. It was there that his dad was saved. After his dad got home, the Booth Brothers were started. Ronnie played the guitar and they sang "The Secret Place." Michael did incredible on this song!

They sang "I See Grace" next, which is another favorite! But Jim came up before the song and talked about the inspiration for the song. He said his sister had sent him a video of cardboard testimonies at her church. He said that through grace, God makes all things new. He puts us all back together and redeems us.

They picked up the pace next with "Trading a Cross for a Crown." They sang a new song written by Jim next around one microphone. It was called "Only Passing Through on my Way Home." They used the one mic again and sang the Mills Brothers style song "Since Jesus Came."

"Dear Jesus Abide With Me" was next. This is one that was on their quartet album they did with Gene McDonald, but they rearranged it some so that they could sing it as a trio.

They closed the night with Ronnie singing "Then I Met the Master." Definitely the highlight of the night!!! Incredible song and vocally they knocked it out of the park! The audience was on its feet by the end of the song!

It was really interesting to see them in concert in a church setting as opposed Silver Dollar City's outdoor amphitheater. And it was really a special treat to see them at my home church! Coming off a 10-day run, they absolutely gave it their all. Despite of what they said, their voices did not indicate their long road stretch either! It was absolutely a great night!!

And if you've been counting or keeping track, yes, this was the fourth weekend in a row I've been to a concert. Unfortunately I think that streak is going to end this weekend.

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  1. Forgive me for the delay in commenting on your post, but I don't really get a chance to read the blogs very often, and I was way behind. Just wanted to express my appreciation for the nice review of the Booth Brothers concert and also to extend my thanks to the folks at your home church for not only being an enthusiastic audience for the Booth Brothers, but also for extending a kind welcome to a Mississippi girl who just couldn't resist the opportunity to drive over to a neighboring state to hear her favorite group in concert one more time. It was such a blessing to be there. Hope to visit again sometime!


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