Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Perrys - Into His Presence CD Review

The Perrys released their highly-anticipated release Into His Presence on April 8. This is the their first album with StowTown Records. It's their first project with David Ragan and Jared Stuffle. And perhaps it's mostly anticipated because of Tracy Stuffle's miraculous recovery and healing after his stroke last January. The journey that the Perrys have been on this last year is incredible, and I feel like this album is a celebration of what God has done and will continue to do in their lives. Many of the songs fit exactly where the Perrys are in their ministry and how far they have come.

One of the highlights of the project has to be "Three Men on a Mountain" with Tracy carrying the song. Last year as updates poured in of his condition, fans could only dream that one day he would be back singing. Thankfully, this song shows the progress that Tracy has made so far. Jared joins him for a touching father/son duet. Jared adds his bass vocals throughout the album, but is most clearly heard on this song. He does a great job rounding out the group's sound throughout the project. Can't wait to hear more from him as he becomes more comfortable in his role.

Another stand out track is "I Can Trust Him" which features Libbi. Beautiful song with lyrics that mean so much more after the year they have had. The song written by Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey sounds tailor-made for Libbi. "Reminders" is another one that Libbi sings. You can tell she really sings from the heart and from experiences with these songs. And that's all the more evident in "Privilege of Prayer." Probably the strongest vocals from her, and the one I can see becoming a staple in their concerts.

While this is Bryan Walker's third project with the group now, I think he turned in some of his greatest vocals to date. He was featured on the lead on several songs. One of my favorites is "How Long," which is a Johnny Minick original. The strongest has to be "I Owe Him Everything." Love how his voice soars at the end of the second verse!

He's also featured on "Sooner Than Later" which is a fun uptempo song. It fits his voice really well. There are not a lot of uptempo songs on the project, the other one being "When He Comes Walking on the Water" that features David.

David sings another highlight of the album which is "Lord, I'm Thankful." This was one that I repeated several times. His power vocals make this song.

The Perrys set the bar high with their previous release of Through the Night. This project had a hard act to follow, but it really speaks to where the group is now. It's a testament to God's faithfulness. It's a strong project in its own right, and it's a must add to your collection for this year!

Song List - 

1. "Into His Presence"
2. "When He Comes Walking on the Water"
3. "I Can Trust Him"
4. "How Long"
5. "Reminders"
6. "Lord, I'm Thankful"
7. "Sooner Than Later"
8. "Three Men on a Mountain"
9. "I Owe Him Everything"
10. "Just Stand Still"
11. "Privilege of Prayer"

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  1. I love to listen to The Perrys. I have loved to listen to them for a while now because they have so many Scriptural songs, but now, with everything they have gone through, the songs have a deeper meaning somehow. I agree that Bryan Walker's vocals on "I Owe Him Everything" were so good! I love to hear him sing.


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