Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Brian Free and Assurance Unashamed - CD Review

Over the years, Brian Free and Assurance have developed a unique sound all their own. The group has a knack of selecting songs that fit their sound and their voices while delivering powerful messages. Unashamed, which was released earlier this month, is no exception. The album is exactly what you have come to expect from this group!

The project starts off with "God of Possibilities" which features lead singer Bill Shivers. It's been said before but it definitely bears repeating. He has to be the most underrated lead singer out there. I love this song, but the song for Bill that really sticks out on this project is "Say Amen." It's the group's first single, which is an excellent choice. It seems to already be getting a lot of airplay. The song asks if anyone has found God faithful, seen His power or knows that He is able to just "say amen." It's an incredible reminder of just how God has worked in your life and His greatness.

The title track features Brian Free and really serves as a challenge to all Christians. Are we willing to live unashamed no matter the cost even if it means persecution or costs us everything? Love the song and its message. Another song that features Brian is "He Still Saves." This might be one of Brian's best vocals with him really showing off his upper range. The message of the song is also so timeless.

"A Little Bit of Me and You" is a fun song that Jeremy Lile sings. The song really fits the smoothness of his voices and sounds similar style-wise to some of his past bass features. When it's not broke, don't fix it!

Mike Rogers is the newcomer to the group with this being his first recording with them. He sings "Tell It Like It Was," "Evidence of You" and "One." The first one has a similar message to Greater Vision's "Preacher Tell Me Like It Is," but the sound is all Brian Free and Assurance. The last feature of Mike's is the stronger one to me. "One" is an incredible ballad that really showcases his voice. I'm really impressed by how well he has blended with the group so far.

Another newcomer to Brian Free and Assurance but just for this album is Lauren Talley Alvey. She joins as a guest vocalist for "Where There's a Will, He Has a Way." This is another favorite of mine from the project. Brian is on the first verse of the song, and Lauren takes the second. It's great to her included on the project!

This is another quality project from Brian Free and Assurance. They seem to have really hit their stride and establishing their own progressive sound in the industry. It's a project you don't want to miss this year!

Song List -
1. "God of Possibilities"
2. "Unashamed"
3. "Tell It Like It Was"
4. "Say Amen"
5. "He Still Saves"
6. "Evidence in You"
7. "A Little Bit of Me and You"
8. "One"
9. "Where There's a Will, He Has a Way"
10. "Before the After"

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