Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Day Lyrics

Happy April Fool's Day!

People have started experimenting with Google Translate lately with song lyrics. You post the lyrics in Google Translate and take them through several languages and then translate it back to English. If you're a fan of Frozen or at least know the song "Let It Go," you can check out the Google Translate version of "Give Up!" to get the concept.

I thought it might be fun for today since it's April Fools to take a few well-known Southern Gospel songs and play with them in Google Translate. I took the chorus or a verse and put them through several rounds of Google Translate. See if you can guess the songs below. Leave your best guesses in the comments section!

I work in the afternoon
I heard a few blocks
And I wonder what happens there
The young man began to run
and only stopped taking my soul,
I asked, tell me please, what is the rush
He smiled and said

I can not get a broken heart all over again.
But I know one
I can not do spirit, and it is a sin for patients and white as snow.
But one can not know.

The sun will wake up before opening his gospel
For those who seek the truth in all pages
Who thinks Dad
Sweet heart and passion for the blood of Jesus
I know we have the time, it was agreed
But while we live, for me,
I want to be

Ask in the dark, come light step in if, nail injured hands to do things
Trust can help where most of the left and the light and
Friends death you will be taken securely to help be able to reach you,
however address Your just one step love me was then seen
You know him as I know how I feel,
I am deeply in resurrection is if it did, you would know that he was alive,
he knows who live there happens death

Voice strong wind
nothing more, and is now closer
I can almost hear the trumpets
Gabriel sounds like a call to
We're going home to cry at midnight


  1. 5 - Midnight Cry

  2. 1 is Blind Man Saw It All by Booth Bros.
    3 is I Want to Be That Man by BFA, I think


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