Thursday, April 17, 2014

Great Day CD Review - Legacy Five

Legacy Five released Great Day on March 25. This was the project funded by the group's Kickstarter campaign last year. They let their fans help them make the project as well as be a part of it through the Kickstarter choir.

Great Day is produced by Lari Goss and definitely has that sound and feel to it. The orchestration behind many of the songs is simply amazing. The project begins and ends with medleys with "Great Day and "Great Medley" with one thrown in the middle "What a Happy Day."

"Christ Is Still the King" has to be the best cut on the project. Gus Gaches does an incredible job on this song, and the Kickstarter choir add so much to the song at the end. The song keeps building and building to its grand finish. The lyrics are really strong. It was written by Rebecca Peck and Dianne Wilkinson.

The project picks up the pace with "That's a Hallelujah." The song definitely has the "Legacy Five" sound to it. It's another one that features Gus. Love the horns on this song! "He Is to Me" also fits in the vein of the type of song you would expect to hear on a Legacy Five project. It's not to be confused with the Greater Vision song of the same title.

And when you've got a good horse, ride him. Another strong stand out on this album is "Only the Living" that also features Gus. I love the look of "only the living regret the leaving." The song speaks of the death of a loved one and how it's only the ones left behind who cry, there's only joy on the other side. Beautiful lyrics and execution of a powerful song!

Another favorite is "He Heals," which has an incredible back story. Gus and Scott Fowler take the verses of the song. It incorporates a little bit of "Hold to God's Unchanging Hand" in toward the end.

"So Many Things" is a Scott Howard feature. Great song with a simple message of appreciating all the little things that God has given us. The song lyrics remind me a little bit of "I Get To" by Jeff and Sheri Easter.

"Who Is This Man" was previously recorded by Soul'd Out Quartet when Matt Fouch was with them. In fact, Matt is a writer of the song. I feel like it's not a typical sounding Legacy Five song like "That's a Hallelujah," but I like them branching out stylistically with this one.

Overall, it's another strong project from Legacy Five. The new songs are definitely stronger than the medley songs, but definitely worth adding to your collection!

Song List -
  1. "Great Day"
  2. "Christ Is Still the King"
  3. "That's a Hallelujah"
  4. "So Many Things"
  5. "What a Happy Day"
  6. "Only the Living"
  7. "Who Is This Man"
  8. "He Heals"
  9. "He Is To Me"
  10. "Great Medley"

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