Tuesday, September 11, 2012

NQC Night 1 Highlights

I'll be honest, I was hit and miss last night watching the webcast. But here are my thoughts on the parts I did catch:

Legacy Five - When I saw Matt Fouch first take the stage with Legacy Five at Silver Dollar City, I knew this was a home run decision to hire him. Hands down, the highlight of the night came from Matt Fouch's singing with Legacy Five. I loved hearing him sing "I've Been Changed," but my favorite was the same as it was in Silver Dollar City, "We Shall See Jesus." They ended their set with that song, and judging by the audience's reaction I think it was the highlight for them as well. Matt had already been featured a lot in the Jubilee set which was right before this one, but as Scott Fowler said, "When you've got a good horse, ride him."

Jubilee - This is one concert I want to see this year, and the groups' performance last night made me want to attend one even more. From beginning to end, it was one of the strongest sets of the night. This was Matt's first appearance on main stage with Legacy Five. I loved hearing "Treasures in Heaven" with all three tenors. Matt was featured on both "Beautiful Home" and "Wedding Music."

The Perrys - They sang a number of new songs from their upcoming project, Through the Night. I loved hearing the new songs and judging from the audience on the live feed, they did as well! They sang "Through the Night" (title cut), "One of These Mornings" and "I Got a Hold of God This Morning," which kicked off their set. They ended their set with "If You Knew Him," always a fan favorite and also got a big response from the audience. This was one of my favorite sets of the night!

Jim and Melissa Brady - I was able to listen to this one more than watch which I hate. Thank goodness it will be up "On Demand" later! While the set with them may not have originally been planned, it produced one of the strongest vocal performances of the night.

Karen Peck and New River - I got home just in time to catch their set, and they know how to kick things off! They sang their #1 song, "Mighty Big God" to start off. Jeff was featured on "He Set Me Free." I heard him sing this one in Branson and it was one of my favorites then and in this set as well! They ended with "We Shall Wear a Robe and Crown," where Stan Whitmire came on stage to join them on piano. This song always gets the audience going!

Booth Brothers - They sang "There's Something About That Name," "The Blind Man Saw It All," "I Played in a Band" and "Let the Healing Begin." They could have easily ended with one of their uptempo numbers to get the audience on its feet, but they ended with "Let the Healing Begin." It was a fitting ending that showed how they wanted to highlight the message and keep the main thing, the main thing. Very classy way to end night 1!

Hopefully I'll be able to watch more tonight than I did last night!

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