Saturday, September 15, 2012

NQC 2012 Day 5 Highlights

I had the webcast going all evening, but I was doing other things while watching too. So I can't say I caught everything tonight, but here are some thoughts and tidbits from the night:

  • It seemed to be a great night for a cappella numbers with Sisters, the Nelons, Scotty Inman and the Isaacs. Sisters have been singing the a cappella moments all week long, and they are just outstanding. Although the Isaacs and the Nelons both had strong a cappella numbers Friday night as well!
  • Jordan James impresses me more and more as the new bass singer for the Dixie Echoes.
  • The Nelons and the Taylors both had strong sets tonight with their only appearance on the main stage. Both made the case to see more of them next year!
  • Bill Gaither officially announced Matthew Holt as their new piano player.
  • I love Christmas music, but even for me Christmas in September I think is a little much. However, I really enjoyed the Christmas set tonight! I loved getting to hear TaRanda Greene sing "O Holy Night" with the Hoppers!
Standout groups of the night:

The Perrys - Another strong set tonight showcasing several more of their new songs. They finished with a song they recut "When He Spoke." It's such a great song, and it was a great decision to recut the song! Great finish to their set!!

Gaither Vocal Band - I thought it was really neat that they started singing "One Voice" with a dark stage. The highlight of the set was definitely "The Love of God!" Beautiful song and amazing harmonies from the vocal band.

Triumphant Quartet - Scotty Inman had the moment of the night with his testimony of his baby girl. He choked back the tears as the camera also showed Kasey in the audience crying. They both expressed their greatest appreciation for all the prayers for Embry. Then, Scotty sang "Only God Knows" a cappella. It was a beautiful, tender moment and the highlight of the night! They ended with "Old White Flag" which was quite a contrast from the sweet moment right before this, but it worked.

Mark Trammell Quartet - Again, this quartet had one of the strongest sets of the night. I thought they might recognized Dustin Sweatman since it was his last night with the group, but I think they did a big tribute at their homecoming this year. We got to hear more from Nick on "Standing on the Solid Rock." Mark also recognized Ray Flynn and then sang "Too Much to Gain to Lose." They closed with their "Golden City Medley." Eric nailed the high notes at the end. They got a much-deserved standing ovation!!

The Hoppers - They started with "Jerusalem." During "I've Come too Far to Look Back," Connie brought up TaRanda to come up and join them on an encore. I thought it was sweet for them to have TaRanda sing with them tonight. TaRanda and Kim are two powerhouse singers and still had probably one of the best moments of the week on Tuesday night with "There Is a Fountain." They also sang "Something's Happening" with TaRanda still on stage and it got a standing ovation from the audience that was definitely deserved!!

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