Sunday, September 16, 2012

NQC 2012 Day 6 Highlights

I was a little getting to watch the webcast Saturday night, just like I'm a little late with this post. I joined the webcast toward the end, I think, of Legacy Five's set. However, I think I managed to catch the strongest moments of the night! Here are my thoughts and highlights from what I saw:

  • The stretch from Greater Vision to the Booth Brothers produced the strongest vocals and greatest moments of the night.
  • I loved seeing TaRanda back on the main stage. I've always been a huge fan of hers. Gerald Wolfe called her on stage to sing "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked." It was an emotional performance, and the audience gave her a standing ovation.
  • Dean asked her to sick around for the Hoppers set, and then they didn't let her leave. I loved getting to see Kim and TaRanda sing together! They sang "Count Me In," "Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin" and then closed with "Shoutin' Time."
  • Greater Vision had one of the strongest sets of the night, which was capped off with Gerald singing "Till the Storm Passes By." 
  • The Booth Brothers were joined on their first song, "Tell Me," by Melissa Brady. It was another highlight of the night. They also song "He Saw It All" and "Still Feelin' Fine." They ended with a stirring performance by Michael Booth on "Look for Me at Jesus' Feet."
  • I was glad to see the Talleys stage "Make Way for the Master." It was one of my favorites from their latest project.
  • Voices of Lee is a super talented group, but I'm still not entirely convinced that they should have a set on the main stage at NQC. 
  • The Perrys ended convention with another strong sets. They've had some of the strongest of the week, staging a lot of their new songs. Joseph was featured on a song he wrote, "Whosoever Will." Great song! They ended with "I Wish I Could Have Been There." Always a fan favorite and fun song! It wouldn't have been convention without it! Mark Trammell came up on stage to join them on, and Gerald Wolfe played piano and Michael Booth on drums.
  •  The Perrys' singing "Celebrate Me Home" kicked off a string of #1 songs that was the finale of the night. Other songs included: "My Name Is Lazarus" (Greater Vision), "The Healer" (Talleys), "Yes I Am" (Hoppers), "Welcome to the Family" (Booth Brothers) and "Four Days Late" (Karen Peck and New River).
  • The night had a great ending with "Statement of Faith" with several artists on stage including Greater Vision, Booth Brothers, the Perrys, the Talleys, Karen Peck and New River, Michaela Brown, Adam Brown, Riley Clark, Scott Fowler, Mark Trammell and Pat Barker (I'm probably missing some). Perfect ending to NQC! 

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