Friday, September 14, 2012

NQC 2012 Day 4 Highlights

Thursday has definitely been the best night so far in my opinion! There were so many standout sets to me, I'm not sure where to start!

Whisnants - Susan started it by singing "I'll Trust the Potter's Hand." The Lesters sang "He Didn't the Clay Away" right before they came on, so it set the song up beautifully. Next, the Whisnants sang a song from their most recent project, "I'm in the Gloryland Way." Next, Susan shared their testimony of the year and family members' illnesses that they had dealt with. She talked about going to the doctor when they thought her mother had cancer. The doctor came in the room and told them whatever they had seen weeks ago wasn't present anymore. She then sang "All Is Well," beautiful song and great message! They ended with "New Day Dawning." Gerald Wolfe had been playing piano with them, but during the last song Jeff Easter came up to play harmonica. Then, Mark Trammell, Eric Phillips and Pat Barker came to join them singing on stage during the encore.

Jason Crabb - Jason had a strong set, I think better than his one earlier this week. He sang the classic song "Who Am I" to start it off. He then went into "Still Holdin' On" and "The Lamb, the Lion and the King." He then went into his award-winning song "Sometimes I Cry." Jason then asked if he could bring some people on stage with him, and he brought up his sisters Kelly and Terah to sing "Through the Fire" with him! Great ending to his set!!

Jeff and Sheri Easter - They sang all songs from their new project and started out with the first three songs from the CD in order, "Little Bit of Sunshine," "I'll Take It" and "Sitting on Top of the World." I absolutely love their new project, and these three are some of strongest songs on it. After those three, Jeff and Sheri passed their microphones to Shannon and Madison. Morgan was featured on "I Wonder If He Ever Cries" with Shannon and Madison singing backup. It's a beautiful song that Morgan does a great job on. Also, it was so neat to see those three showcased! They closed their set by bringing up Jeff's dad, James Easter, to sing "I Won't Have to Worry Anymore" with them. They are such a precious family, and I love that they made their set a family affair tonight!

Greater Vision - They started their set with Rodney Griffin featured on "No Longer Chained." The webcast had some issues during this song, but thankfully it was resolved. They sang "When They Ring the Bells of Heaven" next. Gerald then said they were going to deviate from the songs they had picked out. Jack Campbell wrote "I Know a Man Who Can" and his widow was in the audience. So Chris sang the song and knocked it out of the park as usual. Then Gerald did something you don't see very often. He brought up an unknown trio of siblings he had heard sing in Atlanta. He let them sing the "Doxology" in the style of the Martins, and they did such an incredible job. Gerald then told the story of a man who had an impact on him at his church growing up to set up "Faces."

Booth Brothers - They sang "I'm Free," "Joy in the Camp," "Let the Healing Begin" and "Played in a Band." They brought up special guest Bill Gaither to sing the bass "boom booms" on "Joy in the Camp." They also did several encores of "Played in a Band" and Bill joined them for the last two.

Talleys - It was good to see Brian back with them tonight. They had a strong selection of songs, but what stood out to me most was Brian sharing his testimony. He talked about how he had been forced to leave home at 16 and really struggled with God. He said that one night he talked to Gerald Wolfe at a Greater Vision concert and that's part of what brought him back to God. He said that he still had the card that Gerald gave him that night.

Karen Peck and New River - They ended the night strong! The set started with a clip from Joyful Noise, and then Karen Peck and New River started singing "Mighty High," the song from the movie. Jeff was featured on "Look What the Lord Has Done," which unfortunately had some track issues. But the group kept going like the pros they are. Then, Susan was featured on "Saved." Karen pulled Ben Isaacs and Wes Hampton to sing a song both sang with her on her solo project, "God Lives There." I cannot wait to hear her solo CD!! Then they ended with "Four Days Late," always a favorite and a song that never gets old! Great way to end an overall very strong night of gospel music! Definitely my favorite night overall so far!

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