Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Brian Free and Assurance - Nothing But Love CD Review

Brian Free is known for picking top-notch songs. After listening to the preview of Nothing But Love that the group posted this summer, I was really looking forward to hearing the complete project. I wouldn't say that it's the strongest album that Brian Free and Assurance has ever put out, but it's near the top!

The title track "Nothing But Love" is a fun song. The song features Brian Free. I like this song a lot, but it's not a standout song on this project for me.

Some of my favorite songs from the project feature lead singer Bill Shivers, "It's Quite a Valley" and "I Will Be Praying." Lyrically I love "I Will Be Praying." It speaks of friends praying for each other and encouraging each other. It offers the hope that God will provide strength and that trials are temporary.

"Guard Your Heart" probably has some of the most convicting lyrics. We always think about big sins being the outward actions, but this song turns the tables and makes you think about guarding our heart from the enemy. The song features both Jeremy Lile and Bill Shivers.

"There is Power" is not a standout song really, but for some reason this is one I kept coming back to it and listening to again. I like the hymn bridge of "Power in the Blood." It's a fun, more uptempo song and the more I listen to it, the more I like it!

"Calvary's Cry" is a ballad about the cross that features Brian Free. I like this song, but the standout song on this project that features Brian is "I Want to Be That Man." It's definitely my favorite on the album. When I saw the group live in Branson, Brian told the story about first hearing the song. He said he was listening to the song late one night driving the bus, and it made him think about his dad, who died recently. He didn't realize until later that his son, Ricky Free, had written the song. The song talks about the desire of a son to be the kind of man his father was, a man who lived for Christ, serving Him and his family. Brian does such a great job on this song. This is their first single from the project, and I predict it going to the top of the charts!

"Revival" is a song that doesn't stylistically fit in with the rest of the project, but I liked the addition of this song. It features baritone Derrick Selph. It has an important message of calling the church to stop growing cold and losing its passion.

Song List:

  • "Nothing But Love" 
  • "It’s Quite A Valley"** 
  • "If The Lord Says Do It" 
  • "I Will Be Praying"** 
  • "Guard Your Heart"** 
  • "There Is Power"** 
  • "Calvary’s Cry" 
  • "You Can Be A Bridge" 
  • "I Want To Be That Man"** 
  • "Revival" 
**Denotes personal favorites

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