Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Nine Brought to You by the Letter T

Saturday was rainy and a pretty dreary day at Silver Dollar City, and the crowds showed it. Being the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, we expected pretty large attendance, but Isaac kept people from getting out to the park. However, we really enjoyed seeing both the Talleys and Triumphant Quartet!

The Talleys
I had the chance to see the Talleys in Little Rock in April, but Brian was sick that weekend. I was really looking forward to seeing the four sing together. However, when we got seated in the theater, I noticed only three microphone stands. So I missed seeing the entire group again, but the Talleys put on three great shows!

Lauren sang my favorite Talleys' song in the first two sets, "The Broken Ones." It's definitely one of my all-time favorite gospel songs. She was also featured on "A Promise" and "He's Alive." Love those songs as well!

Debra sang "Amazing Grace," and it was beautiful! She was also featured on "Talk to the Lord About It," which is from their latest project, Love Won. And it's one of my favorites from the album. They sang a few other songs from that album including: "Every Scar," "Broken World," and "Surely." Loved hearing these songs performed live!

They sang a number of crowd favorites as well: "Searchin'," "My Hope Is in the Lord," "Mountain Mover," and "His Life for Mine."

They ended their shows at Silver Dollar City with "Testify." I could see Roger motioning to someone at the side of the stage. It turned out to be Josh Singletary, Anthony Davis and Gary Casto with Tribute Quartet. They came out to join them on stage. The Talleys ended up going a little over on their time, but I don't think anybody minded! It was a fun way to end their afternoon there.

Triumphant Quartet
The rain did decrease the crowd some, but by show time people were definitely waiting to see Triumphant Quartet. I was very anxious to hear about baby Embry and see what they would do for a baritone singer. I was so glad to hear that Embry is doing great and at home, and Scotty was there for the concert. Embry was doing so well, so Kasey said she had plenty of help with her and for Scotty to go ahead and go on the road for the weekend.

Because Triumphant Quartet has a great sense of humor, they started the concert with "I Wish It Would Rain." Everyone stared laughing once they realized what song it was! They later said that was the wish for the next night! Even though it did start drizzling a little during intermission, the rain really held off for us!

During the first half, Scotty sang "Love Came Calling," which is one of my favorite Triumphant Quartet songs! I love it! Eric Bennett was featured on a song I had never heard them sing live, "Look for Me." Beautiful song, and great singing from Eric!

Of course, Clayton sang "Old White Flag." I always love watching for people who have never seen them as they sing this song. It's funny to watch them as everyone starts waving their white flags or tissues or whatever else they can find to wave. :)

Jeff Stice played two songs on piano, and it is no wonder he's been the fan favorite musician for several years running! I have to agree that he is the best in the industry when it comes to piano playing! They ended the first half with "He Is."

During the second half, Eric sang "Long Black Train." You can tell the crowd really loved hearing this song by their reaction.

Scotty talked about how Embry was doing in the second half. He said something that really stood out to me about how much better she was doing and how she seemed to be healed of the condition. He said, "I'm not amazed that God could do it, but that he would do it for me and my family." We all know that God can do anything, but it is such an amazing feeling when he does something amazing for you. Scotty then sang the song "The Great I Am Still Is." It was such a great moment and probably the highlight of the concert for me!

They sang a couple more and finished the night with "I'm Almost Home" after the audience requested they sing one more! This has happened most nights, that the audience wants the group to sing a little longer, and I was glad they sang a new song instead of doing another encore of a chorus of a previous song! This was one of my favorite nights in Echo Hollow! Triumphant is a great group! I can definitely see how they have been the fan favorite quartet several years in a row now!

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