Tuesday, August 1, 2017

God in the Interruptions - Jim Brady Trio - Concert Recap

It's said that God can be in the interruptions. I'm sure when a breaker was flipped during the first song of the night the Jim Brady Trio didn't exactly know what kind of night was in store. However, the group never missed a beat and let God use the moment.

The fist song of the night was "If It Had Not Been the Lord" and about halfway through the song the group lost power. Instead of stopping or even pausing for a moment, the group just kept going a cappella. They moved up to the front of the church and kept singing. Jim stopped after the song and talked about how sometimes God was in the interruptions of life and whether or not they got the issue fixed, they would keep going with the concert. Sometimes when things don't go as planned, those can be the sweetest moments of worship with God.

While Jim took a minute to introduce the group, they were able to get the issue fixed before the second song started, but God definitely used that time just as a reminder of what the night should really be about.

Here's a look at the songs the rest of the night -

  • "He Saved Me" - They did the chorus a cappella, absolutely beautiful!
  • "Stepping Out in Faith"
  • "The Love of God" - Love their version of this song. 
  • "What a Day That Will Be" - They featured Layke on this one with just Melissa at piano to accompany him. 
  • "Keep on the Firing Line" - Always a fun one to hear live. 
  • "Wherever I Am" - This was my first time seeing them stage this song. I was glad they included this one from their Promises CD. 
  • "Greatest of All Miracles" - I love hearing Melissa sing this song!!
  • "Tell Me" - They had Chase Davis traveling with them this summer. He goes to Bethel University and sings in a group there. He sang on this one with them and the next one. 
  • "Because He Lives" - The three guys sang this one with Melissa on the piano. Chase has a great voice!
  • "That Sounds Like Home to Me"
  • "All Over the World"
  • "Every Cry Is Heard" - One of my favorite Jim Brady songs! He talked a little bit about all their family had been through in the last few years with the death of his dad, sister, Melissa's mother and then Jim's brother. It had been a rough season, but what an encouragement the song was. None of the moments they were prepared for, but God was evident in those trials -- those interruptions of life. Through the heartbreak, Jim said he could thank the Lord for the promise of Heaven and His faithfulness through it all. 
It was a great night with this group. The night was a powerful reminder of how God is faithful to walk with us through everything we face. 

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