Thursday, August 3, 2017

Walk Worthy - Master's Voice - CD Review

Master's Voice made its mark with its first project Undivided. The project set the bar high for what this group was capable of. Now, Walk Worthy is the sophomore release and the first one with lead singer T.J. Evans.

"He Saw Me" kicks off the project featuring T.J. It's a great opening song that should definitely be a single. "Love Goes a Mighty Long Way" is another fun one that T.J. sings. The song reminds me a bit of "Footprints on the Water" by Gold City stylistically, which makes sense since Dianne Wilkinson and Joseph Habedank were co-writers along with David Edwards.

Bass Jerry Pilgrim is featured on "Another One Like Him," which has a fun, jazz style. The song definitely brings something a little different to the table.

"One Day Longer" is a heartfelt song that touches on the subject of Alzheimer's. It's such a tender song sung by Ricky Capps. I don't know if he's been personally affected by Alzheimer's but he communicates the lyrics so well you think that could be the case.

The group takes on the very traditional quartet-style song "Yes He Did, Yes He Does, Yes He Will," which is another Dianne Wilkinson cut along with Jerry Salley. You'll find yourself clapping or toe tapping along. It's a definite highlight of the project!

"Sowing the Good Seed" is a song that's really an encouragement to believers to keep planting seeds. We may never see what comes of seed that is planted and don't be discouraged when the seeds sometimes fall by the wayside.

The quartet goes back and pulls out a familiar hymn for gospel fans with "Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary." The song just has piano accompaniment and features Jerry again. He has such a great smooth bass voice!

"Where My Savior Is" is the first radio single and features Stan Watson. This is a great uptempo song that I feel like will do really well on radio. I think this will also be a great one live!

Walk Worthy closes with "Lift Up Your Hands When You Can't," and they might have saved the best for last. This is a must-listen! The song is a more progressive ballad that you'll find yourself listening to over and over again. There are some great harmonies and blend on this song. T.J. communicates the message of this song so well. Even when we can't see his face, we can sing to the One who is faithful.

When Master's Voice hit the scene with Undivided, they set the bar so high, but this sophomore project is just as strong and proves this quartet is rising to the top of the pack in gospel music. Walk Worthy is a must buy for any quartet fan!

Songs to Hit Repeat On - "Where My Savior Is" and "Lift Up Your Hands When You Can't"
Song to Turn Up - "Love Goes a Mighty Long Way"
Song for Traditional Quartet Fans - "Yes He Did, Yes He Does, Yes He Will"
Song to Give a Second Listen - "Sowing the Good Seed"

Song List -
1. "He Saw Me"
2. "Another One Like Him"
3. "Love Goes a Mighty Long Way"
4. "One Day Longer"
5. "Yes He Did, Yes He Does, Yes He Will"
6. "Without You I Haven't Got a Prayer"
7. "More Than Enough"
8. "Sowing the Good Seed"
9. "Do What Jesus Did"
10. "Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary"
11. "Where My Savior Is"
12. "Lift Up Your Hands When You Can't"

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