Monday, July 31, 2017

Be Brave - McKameys - CD Review

The McKameys are one of the most loved groups in gospel music. They have a distinct sound that no other group can touch. The McKameys' latest project Be Brave has that same consistent sound that fans love.

The 10 song project is a quick listen. The songs all hover around the 3-minute mark. The longest song, "It's Mine," is only 3:39.

The title track is THE highlight of the project for me. It's both written and sung by Sheryl and in fact one of six songs that she wrote for the project. It is full of honest and encouraging lyrics that every Christian can identify with.

The project starts with "So Good to Me" that is more convention style. It features the entire group with Ruben getting a few solo feature lines on the chorus.

Matriarch Peg has a feature "Come Forth as Gold," not to be confused with "Come Forth Like Gold," which was on their Sheltered project and also a song about Job. She's also featured on "One Thing I Know," which is my favorite of her two features. Both are the features you would expect from her with the same energy and heartfelt delivery.

"It's Mine" starts with a great mandolin, Appalachian intro with Ruben taking the first verse. The second verse features Connie. The song talks about claiming the power of our salvation. Connie also featured on "On and On" talking about how we can keep going on and on with thankfulness and gratitude about all the Lord has done for us.

Roger sings "For the Record," which is already been sent to radio. Roger has that smooth voice that seems to really do well on radio. The song is a midtempo song that simply says to let the record show an allegiance to Christ and dedicating life to Him.

Be Brave closes with "Since When." It's a great reminder of God's faithfulness. Since when has he ever been un true or unfaithful? This is my favorite of Connie's feature songs.

McKameys fans will find the same consistent sound they have had for years with this release.

Song to hit repeat on - "Be Brave"
Song to turn up - "So Good to Me"

Song List -
1. "So Good to Me"
2. "Living for Eternity"
3. "Come Forth as Gold"
4. "It's Mine"
5. "Be Brave"
6. "On and On"
7. "For the Record"
8. "One Thing I Know"
9. "Jesus Passed By"
10. "Since When"

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