Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The One in the Water - Inspirations - CD Review

The Inspirations bring the classic gospel sound back with The One in the Water. The group has gone through transitions recently, but the traditional sound of the group has remained constant. The project features the lineup of Archie Watkins, Eddie Deitz, Marlon Shubert, Matt Dibler and Roland Kesterson.

The project starts with the title track "The One in the Water" with Archie taking the lead on this one. He also sings the ballad "Teaching Me to Fly." It's a more tender song that still has a little bit of Inspirations flair, but it definitely departs from their normal cuts. It's one to really stop and take a second listen to.

Traditional quartet fans will enjoy "I Want to Be Like My Lord" and "I Shall Not Be Moved." Bass singing fans will really enjoy Martin's feature lines.

Roland Kesterson's vocals shine on "When Jesus Turns My Prison into My Shouting Ground."  It's a fun uptempo, toe-tapping kind of song.

Fans of the Browders will probably recognize the cut "I Am So Blessed." This song was written by Tommy and Matthew Browder. Matt Dibler takes the verses on this one. They do a good job of making it their own.

Eddie Dietz pays tribute to those who have made an impact on our lives with "Thank God for Preachers." It's a song that makes you stop and be thankful for those in your life, your salvation and all that God has done.

Song List -

1. "The One in the Water"
2. "I Want to Be Like My Lord"
3. "I Know Him"
4. "When Jesus Turns My Prison into My Shouting Ground"
5. "I Shall Not Be Moved"
6. "Teaching Me to Fly"
7. "I Am So Blessed"
8. "We Are Christians"
9. "Thank God for Preachers"
10. "Jesus They're Offended at Your Name"

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