Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Church - 2nd Generation - CD Review

2nd Generation is a trio based in Arkansas. The group consists of sisters Brenda Denney and Elaine Robinson and Randy Barnes. This is a group that I have had the pleasure of getting to know since starting the blog. I have enjoyed getting to see their hearts for ministry. Their latest album was released this summer entitled The Church.

The project starts with "Rock of Ages," which is not the hymn but contains part of the hymn. This is a great uptempo song that sounds like an old convention song.

Randy Barnes is featured on "Mama's Rocking Chair," which is the group's current single. It's such a great song about being raised by a sweet Godly mother who told stories of the Bible as her children grew up. This is one of two Aaron Wilburn cuts on the project. Randy does a great job on this song. He's also featured on "Faces," which is probably my favorite song that Rodney Griffin has ever written.

"All Our Hope" is one of my favorites on this project. Elaine sings this song. I remember hearing it live in concert a few months ago and was blown away. The message is so encouraging, and Elaine does an incredible job in her delivery.

Brenda is featured on the Hemphill song "I Came on Business for the King." I love this song. I know they use this song a lot as a motto for their ministry. I think it sums them up perfectly. Brenda sounds great on this song. It's a great reminder that no matter what we do in life that as Christians we are representatives of Him always.

"I've Got This" is stylistically a different from anything else on the project. I love the tenderness of the song. Brenda sings the message of how no matter what we face God's got this. We all need this reminder from time to time or really every day if you're like me.

"It's a Good Life Living for the Lord" and "We'll Go Down Standing Up" are two great uptempo songs on the project. Both will have you clapping and toe-tapping along.

If you've never heard 2nd Generation, pick up this album today. This is their best album yet! Make sure you check out this trio. I predict only great things ahead for them!

Song List -
1. "Rock of Ages"
2. "The Church"
3. "Mama's Rocking Chair"
4. "I Came on Business for the King"
5. "All Our Hope"
6. "It's a Good Life Living for the Lord"
7. "That Sounds Like Home to Me"
8. "I've Got This"
9. "Faces"
10. "We'll Go Down Standing Up"
11. "It Was a Gospel Song"

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