Thursday, October 27, 2016

Joylanders - Parables - CD Review

The Joylanders was a name I wasn't familiar with prior to this release. The group is from Tennessee and has actually been around for more than 40 years. The family group now has three generations singing, Perry and Nell Wimberly, their daughter Vanessa and son-in-law Jason and their children Jay and Allison.

Parables is the group's first project with Skyland Records. It contains 14 songs. You might recognize several songs on the album from "The Old Rugged Cross" to "Leave It There." With 14 songs, the album is very diverse with several different style songs.

The project opens with the uptempo "Why Don't You Try Jesus." I immediately noticed the great family harmonies this group has!

"There's No Other God" was another standout favorite on this project. There are definitely moments where the style of the group reminds me of the Nelons. This song is one of those times.

"I'm Checking Out" and "Down in the Valley" are both great songs, more uptempo that use some brass and horns. Then, "Heaven's Ridge" uses bagpipes to start and has a more Celtic feel. This song is so beautiful and melodic. I love the diversity of sounds and styles!

"Without Grace" is a great ballad. It's a great reminder of how we would be nothing without the grace of God.

With 14 songs and all different styles, there is something for everyone on this project! If you haven't heard of the Joylanders, definitely give Parables a listen.

Song List -
1. "Why Don't You Try Jesus"
2. "Leave It There"
3. "Without Grace"
4. "There's No Other God"
5. "I'm Checking Out"
6. "Heaven's Ridge"
7. "I Know Where Home Is"
8. "Come to the Water"
9. "Sunday's Comin'"
10. "Down in the Valley"
11. "Dry Ground"
12. "America, God Bless"
13. "The Old Rugged Cross"
14. "Now I Have Everything"


  1. Great Singers
    Great Friends
    but most of all
    FYI: that's Pappy, not Paul
    aka: Perry Wimberly


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