Monday, October 10, 2016

Faith in a Great God - Carolina Boys Quartet - CD Review

The Carolina Boys Quartet released Faith in a Great God in September. I'll confess this was not a quartet I was familiar with. The group is based in South Carolina. Patrick Campbell (tenor), Chuck Lowe (lead), Toby Fricks (baritone) and Stephen Jewell (bass) make up the quartet.

The project starts with "For Every Goliath," which is a fun uptempo song. I love the brass on this song. Great way to start the album! "God Made a Way" continues with that uptempo vein.

Then they slow things down with "By a Show of Hands." Tenor Patrick Campbell is featured on this song. This is a great song written by Kristi Fritzwater, Belinda Smith and Lee Black. This songwriting combination is a great team for the Carolina Boys with three cuts on the project.

The quartet goes with a traditional arrangement for "Treasures in Heaven." I've always been a fan of this song and really enjoyed their take on it. This song and "Walk With Me" are the two songs that gospel music fans will definitely be familiar with.

"He Still Moves Mountains for Me" features Toby Fricks. This is a great ballad and a great reminder of the power of God working in our lives today. Another stand out ballad is "The Blood of Jesus" written by Phil Cross. This one features Chuck Lowe.

"I Didn't See Him Rise" is another highlight of the project. This is a great song with beautiful orchestration behind it. "God Shed His Grace on Me" is another great power ballad with a great build up and orchestration. The message and reminders of how amazing God's grace is never get old.

Bass singer Stephen Jewell steps up on the title track. This is another great brass-infused uptempo song. This song is definitely a highlight of the project!

If you're like me and are not familiar with the Carolina Boys Quartet, don't miss out on Faith in a Great God. I can't wait to hear future projects from this group!

Song List -
1. "For Every Goliath"
2. "God Made a Way"
3. "By a Show of Hands"
4. "Treasures in Heaven"
5. "He Still Moves Mountains for Me"
6. "Faith in a Great God"
7. "Blood of Jesus"
8. "I Cried Out"
9. "I Didn't See Him Rise"
10. "When They Had Prayed"
11. "God Shed His Grace on Me"
12. "Walk With Me"

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