Thursday, July 14, 2016

When Lyrics Speak - I Am Blessed - Karen Peck and New River

I think most Christians would use the word "blessed" to describe their lives. However, how many of us live like it? I would definitely use that word, but I find myself more often focusing on what I'm lacking or things I want. I can often lose sight of all that God has given me.

I can also be very guilty of thinking that blessed = things, maybe not even bad things but at least something tangible. I can easily forget about everything that God has blessed me with that has nothing to do with anything I can see. My salvation, His love, His faithfulness, His mercy, His grace. We are blessed because we are His children. And even if He chooses to give us nothing else on this earth, we can consider ourselves blessed.

Through pain and disappointments, we know that He is always there and for that we are blessed. Just because we may not see the earthly things we want doesn't mean that we aren't blessed beyond measure. He is enough for everything in our lives. Whatever comes our way, we can still say that we are blessed because of who God is and what He's done for us.

I love this song by Karen Peck and New River that really got me thinking about the blessing of just being His child.

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