Friday, July 8, 2016

Fun Clip Friday - Booth Brothers Quartet

The Booth Brothers Quartet was scheduled for the Saturday matinee this year at the Memphis Quartet Show. A few years ago, they performed at the event with Gene McDonald singing bass. This time they didn't say who the bass singer would be. So fans were in for a treat that Saturday afternoon to find out who would be singing with them.

Saturday they found out that it wouldn't be just one person, but three different bass singers - Anthony Davis, Eric Bennett and Jon Epley. Below is a clip of Michael and Danny Jones of the Singing News talking about who would be singing and then introducing the group.

Also, here are links with each of the guys singing with the Booth Brothers. Enjoy for today's Fun Clip Friday!

Eric Bennett - Look for Me at Jesus' Feet
Jon Epley - I'm Free
Anthony Davis - I Played in a Band

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