Tuesday, July 12, 2016

McKameys - Something Worth Saving - CD Review

The McKameys are one of those groups I really admire in the industry. They are who they are. They have a unique sound all their own and have really found a home in this industry.

The group released its latest project Something Worth Saving in June. The project is full of 10 songs that McKameys fans will love!

The project opens and closes with songs that deviate from typical McKameys songs, but songs that they have done in that familiar sound of the group. They took the praise and worship song "Christ Is Able" and made it sound more like a hymn. I found this to be a highlight of the project! The album closes with "Come to My Rescue." Sheryl does a great job on this song. Beautiful closing song! I like that they tried some different things with these songs without straying too far from their sound.

Peg is featured on "I've Been in the Book," which is written by Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck. You'll find yourself tapping your toe along to this one!

"Bring You Glory" has an incredible message that all believers need to be reminded of. No matter what we face as Christians we are called to bring Him glory each day of our lives. Connie does a beautiful job on this song. She is also featured on "Days Gone By," which is another Wilkinson/ Peck song.

Eli gets a turn to step out on "I Believe." The style of this song really gives listeners a taste of something different and a little unexpected. He gets the entire song solo. It's good to hear a little bit more from him.

"That's Why There's a Cross" is the first single from the project. Sheryl is featured on the project and also wrote it. It's one of three songs that she wrote for this album. The song is straight Southern Gospel with the great traditional McKamey sound. Lyrically, it's one of the more powerful songs of the project.

"A Few Things" starts with a unique steel guitar intro that really gets the listener's attention. Roger sings this country ballad. It's a sweet, honest prayer that he communicates really well.

The title track is where Ruben gets a chance to shine. The arrangement of the song is not complex with some great guitar work to really bring attention to the vocals and message of the song.

This album has songs with some powerful lyrics that really speak to the hearts of believers. McKameys fans will not want to miss this project!

Song List -
1. "Christ Is Able"
2. "I've Been in the Book"
3. "Bring You Glory"
4. "I Believe"
5. "That's Why There's a Cross"
6. "A Few Things"
7. "Back to Bethel"
8. "Days Gone By"
9. "Something Worth Saving"
10. "Come to my Rescue"

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