Monday, April 4, 2016

The Light - Barry Rowland and Deliverance - CD Review

I've gotten a bit behind recently on CD reviews, so this week might be full of them! I'm starting this week with the most recent release from Barry Rowland and Deliverance.

Barry Rowland and Deliverance released The Light just a few weeks ago. The trio consists of Barry Rowland, Tammy Rowland and Shawn Rupert. This group was nominated for favorite new trio the past two years. They have a very pure, country gospel sound. With Barry Rowland being Kyla Rowland's son, it's no surprise that she wrote eight of the 10 songs. You can definitely tell her influence on the songs.

The CD starts with "God Delivered Me," which is great opener. Shawn is featured on this one. To me, this is a definite highlight of the project. The title track is another great feature for Shawn.

A couple of the songs on the project focus on the resurrection. Tammy is featured on "Looking at a Risen Lamb." She has a great country sound with her voice. "That Tomb Is Still Empty" features the blend of the group and then gives each member a few step out lines.

Barry steps up to sing "God's Word Will Stand." The song is a powerful reminder that no matter what God's Word will stand. It's a timely message that in today's world we definitely need.

"He's Still on the Throne" is the same song that Gold City recorded many years ago. It's good to hear the trio bring back this song. And it's a nice change of pace in the project to bring up the tempo a bit.

"Holy, Glory to the Lamb" has a strong country feel. The song talks about Heaven and what we'll be singing there. The project ends with another Heaven song, "Marching in Victory."

Song List -
1. "God Delivered Me"
2. "Looking at a Risen Lamb"
3. "The Light"
4. "That Tomb Is Still Empty"
5. "God's Word Will Stand"
6. "So, I'll Tell Jesus"
7. "He's Still on the Throne"
8. "God Understands"
9. "Holy, Glory to the Lamb"
10. "Marching in Victory"

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