Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hope and Healing - The Taylors - CD Review

The Taylors released their sophomore project Hope and Healing with StowTown records just a few weeks ago. This is the group's first recording as a trio with the departure of Leslie Taylor Perkins. Even though the group goes from quartet to trio, they stay true to their style. They take on a few more progressive numbers, but overall it's the same sound fans have come to love.

To me, this family is one of the most underrated in Southern Gospel. They have some of the purest voices in gospel music.

This project also has a "who's who" of Southern Gospel writers. They got the best of the best with Marcia Henry, Sue C. Smith, Kenna West, Joel Lindsey, Wayne Haun, Tony Wood, Joseph Habedank, just to name a few. Hope and Healing has 13 songs, so listeners are treated to a few extra tracks than normal. The song choice for the project is just incredible!

The album starts off with "He Won't Fail You" which definitely has a different sound than the rest of the project. This is a more country sound than what we are used to with the Taylors, something you would be used to hearing from labelmates the Browns. That being said, it works for them! I like that it's different from anything else making it stand out. I think this is also their first single.

Chris Taylor is featured on "Somebody's Praying." His move from bass to baritone with the trio really allows him to be showcased more. I love the message of this song. It really speaks to feeling the power of prayer when we need it.

Suzanne Taylor Hise takes the lead on "For What I Don't Know." This is probably my favorite song on the project. For what we don't we can trust Him; he understands what we don't know. Suzanne's delivery of this song is spot on. She also is featured on "That's What the Cross Is For." I love these type of story songs, definitely another highlight of the project.

"Between Here and Heaven" picks up the tempo with a more progressive sound. Jonathan Taylor takes the lead on this song. "Right Now" is another song that has a more progressive flair. I like their sound on these songs and it's good to mix it up some with all the great ballads they have on this album.

Jonanthan and Suzanne share the verses on "Call Out My Name." This is a more contemporary sounding song. It's a great encouragement for believers.

Jonathan shines on "The Day I Lay My Isaac Down." This story is familiar, but I love their take on this song and message.

"I Hope He Smiles" features the duo of Chris and Suzanne. This is the perfect closer, and one of my favorites on the project. The song is a sweet prayer of wanting the Lord to be pleased with our lives that they would bring Him glory.

Don't miss this project from the Taylors! It's a must-buy album this year!

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  1. I'll always love the Taylors, and I think this move has been good in that it gives Chris more opportunities to step out. That said, I think they are definitely going to have to overcome a gaping hole that Leslie leaves. She was really the biggest powerhouse vocalist of the quartet and still managed to maintain that same harmony and vocal purity the family has become famous for.


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