Thursday, April 7, 2016

Live Like We're Redeemed - Brian Free & Assurance - CD Review

When Jeremy Lile came off the road late last year, Brian Free & Assurance decided to continue on as a trio for the time being. I actually had chance to see the group as a trio live for the first time last week. I think they are sounding great, and I can definitely see pressing on as a trio if you can't find the right person to fit the group.

Live Like We're Redeemed is the latest release from the now trio of Brian Free, Bill Shivers and Mike Rogers. Brian Free & Assurance have a unique style in gospel music, more on the progressive side. They are also known in the industry for picking great songs. And while the group has changed, it's still full of that great sound and style fans love and contains some amazing songs.

The project starts with "Somebody's Miracle" featuring Bill. It's a great uptempo opener. This is a definite highlight of the project. It's a great encouragement to believers to help others and be the miracle they need.

"That's Just What Grace Does" is probably my favorite on this CD! I got to hear the song live last week, and I was so thankful that's one of the new songs they sang. Brian sings this one and delivers the lyrics so tenderly. It's a beautiful message about grace.

The trio pulls into the Contemporary Christian catalog a bit with "The Measure of a Man," which 4Him recorded a couple of decades ago. I like this choice to pull this song, and it fits the group well. The arrangement doesn't stray far from 4Him's version.

"Live Like We're Redeemed" features Mike. This a great feature for him. It's good to hear more from him on this project. This was another I got to hear live.

Bill is featured on "Forever Home" that tells the story of a man who has made his way to Heaven. He does a great job of telling that story with his voice. I couldn't help but cry and think of my sweet Grandaddy who passed away last year as I listened to it. Beautiful song.

"He Will Carry You" is a great song that features Brian. It's a great song and encouragement for believers who are facing problems that no matter what He'll carry us; we are never alone.

"Mission of Mercy" starts with Mike and then switches to Bill mid-first verse. I like this little change. With the second Mike starts and then Bill joins him for a couple of lines. Bill takes the chorus. I like the switch-offs in this song!

The album closes with "One Mile World" featuring Brian. I like the concept of this song, we live in a one mile world where no one is willing to go the second mile. How often do we take the time to go beyond what is expected for others?

Fans of Brian Free and Assurance won't be disappointed in this project. It's the same sound fans have come to love from them!

Song List -
1. "Somebody's Miracle"
2. "That's Just What Grace Does"
3. "The Measure of a Man"
4. "Live Like We're Redeemed"
5. "He Will Carry You"
6. "Mission of Mercy"
7. "When Mercy Looks at Me"
8. "Forever Home"
9. "You Could Be the Difference"
10. "One Mile World"

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