Monday, April 11, 2016

First Time as a Trio - Brian Free & Assurance - Concert Recap

Brian Free & Assurance has been traveling as a trio since last fall, but I hadn't been able to see them live since then. With the departure of Jeremy Lile, Brian Free, Bill Shivers and Mike Rogers decided to press on as a trio. And with the release of their latest project, Live Like We're Redeemed, I knew there would be plenty to look forward to! And the night did not disappoint!

The concert started with "What a Beautiful Day" and then they went into the familiar hymn "When We All Get to Heaven." It's good to hear the mix of older and newer songs.

The next song was the first one from their new project and it was the title song, "Live Like We're Redeemed." Mike does a fantastic job on this song! 

The group picked up the tempo a bit with "I Keep Looking Up." The crowd stood on its feet for the whole song. I have to say of all the concerts I attend, I was really impressed with the energy of the crowd that night. You could tell they were enjoying every note!

After the introductions, Mike was featured on "Tell It Like It Was." It was good to hear more from him this time. Then, Brian sang their new single "That's What Grace Does." I love this song. I cannot say enough about how great this song is! Brian such an incredible job on it. It was definitely a highlight of the night!

They then picked up the tempo with "Anything Is Possible." It's good to still here this one in a live concert setting, great song from their Never Walk Alone CD. 

Brian then told the story of how they were invited to be a part of the Elvis tribute that BBC did a couple of years ago. They were the only Christian artist there and got to be a witness that day. They sang the song they did that day "Peace in the Valley," which Bill sings. I love hearing Bill sing this song! 

They ended the first half with "Say Amen." This song is always great to hear live and watch the audience get into it. Again, Bill is such a great lead singer, one of the most underrated in the business. 

After a brief intermission, they group came back and sang "I Want to Be That Man." This is still one of my favorite Brian Free & Assurance songs. They sang "Praying Man" and then "Oh What a Savior" before the invitation. Brian always knocks it out of the park. 

The group came back and ended with "Long As I Got King Jesus." Always a fun one and the audience loved it!

This group hasn't missed a beat since they started traveling as a trio! Make sure you see them next time they are in your area!

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