Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sisters - Atmosphere CD Review

When Sisters announced earlier this year that they were taking a new direction with their ministry, no one was quite sure what that would look like or sound like. Sisters have been wowing audiences with their incredible harmonies and a cappella arrangements for years. Their latest project definitely shows that new direction with their music, but it's still the same three vocalists that we have all known and loved for years.

I remember a while back seeing a suggestion on Twitter for Sisters to go back and do some old Point of Grace songs. (If you are not familiar with Point of Grace, stop now and go look them up!) I thought what an incredible idea that was! This project doesn't go that route with any of their song choices, but it shows that it wasn't a far stretch to think of them going a more contemporary Christian route.

Atmosphere is very contemporary and outside the "Southern Gospel box," but that doesn't mean that traditional fans won't love it. The project to me is a little reminiscent of what Triumphant Quartet did this year with Awesome God. However, while they project had a mix of old and new hymns and worship songs, this album is full of recent praise and worship and contemporary songs.

Most of these songs I was familiar with, hearing from other artists or sang in church. I think Sisters did a good job of making the songs work for them, not deviating too much from original versions but really highlighting their strengths.

This is one project where it's really hard for me to pick out individual songs, they really are all on the same level. "You Alone" is probably my favorite of this recording. It's a very simple arrangement to start and then has a chance to really build, but the simplicity really allows Kim's voice to be showcased. "Whom Shall I Fear" is probably a close second.

This is not the typical Southern Gospel recording, but it's still the same three sisters with incredible harmonies giving praise and adoration to God! And that's something not to be missed!

Song List -

1. "Only You"
2. "This Is Amazing Grace"
3. "Nothing Is Impossible"
4. "You Alone"
5. "Hello My Name Is"
6. "Whom Shall I Fear"
7. "Made Me Glad"
8. "Strong to Save (At the Cross)"
9. "When I Speak Your Name"
10. "Worthy Is the Lamb"
11. "Crown Him/ Majesty"
12. "O Lamb of God"

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  1. I would love to listen to the songs of this CD, but I really don't appreciate their immodesty and don't want this CD cover in my iTunes library. Disappointing.


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