Thursday, October 30, 2014

Battle Cry - Kingsmen - CD Review

Battle Cry is the latest release from the Kingsmen. This project is the second one with its current line up of Chris Jenkins (tenor), Bob Sellers (lead), Randy Crawford (baritone) and Ray Dean Reese (bass).

This is one of the best projects that the Kingsmen have released in recent years in my opinion. I got to hear a lot of these songs live before I had a chance to listen to the project. They staged several of them when I saw them in Branson. You know it's going to be a great album when groups are staging not just one or two before the album's official release. The song choice is just incredible on this project!!

"Oh Yes I Am" is one that immediately jumped out at me. This is right in the Kingsmen's wheelhouse. This is the group's first single from the album.  Chris really shines on this song!! Love the bass lines that Ray Dean has! Definitely the highlight of Battle Cry.

"Battle Cry" which is the first and title track is also one of the standout songs of the album. It's a great uptempo song that sets the tone for just how strong this project is! "Beautiful City" and "Come and Dine" are two more uptempo songs that have the classic Kingsmen sound.

Chris also is showcased on "I've Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken." It's interesting to me that this is the second song this year to use this same idea and verse (Joseph Habedank's "Never No Never"). Chris shows what a power tenor he is!

Bob sings "Faith," which is probably my favorite slower song on the project. It sounds a little more progressive than some of the other songs, maybe a bit like something Brian Free and Assurance could have recorded. Bob does a great job on this one!

"It Should Have Rained" is a great, tender ballad. Randy sings the verses, and for me, it's my favorite of his features.  Randy also gets the feature on "Here I Stand Amazed" which he wrote. That ballad closes the project.

This project is one that you should definitely purchase!

Song List -
1. "Battle Cry"
2. "I've Never Seen the Righteous Forsaken"
3. "He Took Away My Burden"
4. "Oh Yes I Am"
5. "Cross of Grace"
6. "Beautiful City"
7. "I Know"
8. "It Should Have Rained"
9. "Faith"
10. "Come and Dine"
11. "Here I Stand Amazed"

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