Monday, June 16, 2014

Torch DVD

A few weeks ago, I found my copy of the Torch DVD from 2005. The DVD was a showcase at the National Quartet Convention in 2005. It featured under 30 artists, Souther Gospel's next generation. It was fun to go back and watch all these young artists who have grown so much in the almost 10 years since the filming of the project. Most of the artists included are still involved in Southern Gospel music.

Some of the singers and musicians included - the Crabb family, Lauren Talley (Alvey), Joseph Habedank, Jeremy Lile, Jeremy Peace, Troy and Katy Peach, Scotty Inaman, the McRaes, Amber Nelon Thompson, Matthew Holt and Josh Singletary... just to name a few.

Here are a couple of clips from the DVD:

My thoughts for this Monday morning. If they were to have a similar showcase and DVD taping in 2015, what artists/ musicians should be included who are under 30?

Here are my suggestions, would love to hear yours!

Jonathan, Chris, Suzanne and Leslie Taylor
Amber Nelon Thompson and Autumn Clark
Riley Harrison Clark
Amber Eppinette
Morgan and Madison Easter
Karlye Hopper
Jared Stuffle
Trey Ivey
Jordan Wilburn
Matthew and Kari Gooch
Austin and Ethan Whisnant
Michaela, Adam and Andrew Brown
Chip Pullen
Robert Fulton
Dustin Black
Mike Rogers
Daniel Ashmore
Chris Jenkins
Keith, Kody, Kris and Katie Erwin
Connor, Bailey and Kennedy Hayes
Hope Bowling
Andrew Goldman
Eli Fortner
Jordan LeFevre
Alex and Andrew Utech
Collingsworth Family - Brooklyn, Courtney, Phillip and Olivia


  1. All of these artists are great! I wonder if the Collingsworth kids would be considered too "established" to be included in the list, but a slot just for the kids would be cool. There's also the Browns.

  2. I knew I was forgetting someone obvious!! Yes, Collingsworths should definitely be included!!

  3. I like the Taylors and Daniel Ashmore being on this list! I might also add the Sneed Family "kids" - Caleb, Amanda, and Seth.


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