Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taylors - Measure of Grace - CD Review

The Taylors are a brother-sister quartet from North Carolina. The siblings are no strangers to gospel music earning Favorite New Mixed Group in the 2013 Singing News Fan Awards. The group was signed to StowTown Records earlier this year so Measure of Grace is their first release with their new record company.

The project starts with "I'm Committed to You, Lord." It's a great opening number. It really shows the great blend of these siblings. I love the message of the song, "with each breath I am given, I will lift your Holy Name." May that a prayer for all of us.

The album has some incredible ballads, but it is not lacking in strong upbeat songs either. "He's My Guide" is a great uptempo song that was previously recorded by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound. It's a highlight for me. "I Want the World to See" is another great upbeat song. I like how the features are shared to show the siblings' strengths. "Heaven is Ready" is another fun song that is convention style. "The Least I Can Do" is stylistically a little different than the rest of the album, but this is one I found myself repeating!

Some may remember "I Tremble" that TK and McRae recorded several years ago. I have always been a huge fan of this song. While it's hard to rerecord a song that Katy Peach was featured on, Leslie does an incredible job on this song. And I'm so glad that they chose to include it on this project to bring new life to the song.

"Measure of Grace" is a beautiful ballad and a must listen, but my favorite new ballad on the album is "The Cross Is Calling" written by Rachel McCutcheon. The song features Suzanne. The message makes it standout in itself, but I love the orchestration and the way the song builds.

I love how the Taylors are a such a family unit. One sibling does not stand out and seem to be featured more than others. They have a great natural blend together that is evident throughout the project.

The project is full of 11 great songs. The sibling group made a great move with StowTown Records. I think this has been a great fit for their style and to get them more exposure that they deserve. If you haven't heard the Taylors before, pick Measure of Grace up today. You won't be disappointed!

Song List - 
1. "I'm Committed to You, Lord"
2. "He's My Guide"
3. "Measure of Grace"
4. "I Want the World to See (Jesus Lives in Me)
5. "I Tremble"
6. "The Least That I Can Do"
7. "The Cross Is Calling"
8. "He Goes Before Me"
9. "The Greatest Wonder"
10. "Heaven Is Ready (And Waiting for Me)"
11. "That Will Be Heaven to Me"

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  1. GREAT project. Good songs and good singing. Reggie Brann


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