Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday Afternoon With the Bowling Family

Bowling Family - Terah Penhollow, Kelly and Mike Bowling
The Bowling Family was at Rock City Harvest Church in Sherwood, Ark. on Sunday. They sang a few songs in the morning service, and had a full concert that afternoon. I got to be there Sunday afternoon for their full concert. It was such a blessing, as it is every time I get to see them!

The pastor, Arthur Ward, and his son Chopper sang a couple of songs before the concert started.

Mike, Kelly and Terah started the concert with "I'm on the Battlefield." This is one of my favorites from their album, Feels Like Sunday. Terah was then featured on "I Go to the Rock." This is a song I never tire of hearing Terah sing. Her smooth alto voice always shines on this song.

They went back and did an old Hinson song "I Could Still Go Free" next. Mike was featured on this one. Chopper said it best later in the concert that no one except Kenny Hinson sounds as much like Kenny Hinson than Mike Bowling. Mike proved again that he really is one of the top male vocalists in Southern Gospel.

The group picked up the pace with "I Thank You Lord." This one also featured Terah. The audience was on its feet clapping along midway through the song!

Mike did the introductions next. He commented on how the stage was a little "Crabby." And then made the comment that he married into a great family. The concert was being broadcast online, and Kelly and Terah said they definitely needed a copy of the webcast so they could have proof that he said that! Haha!

Then, Kelly gave the testimony of their bus accident. Every time I hear the testimony it's a little different in the way she tells it, but the power of God that day never changes. Kelly gave a stirring testament to how God provided for them that day and has continued to be with them since then. They showed several pictures and footage from the accident. From the reaction of several audience members they were seeing it for the first time and were amazed at their testimony how everyone survived. Kelly shared that one officer who worked the wreck said in an interview that he didn't understand how there was not a fatality in the accident.

Kelly then sang "A Miracle Today." This is definitely one of my favorite Bowling Family songs. And Kelly sings it beautifully and with such conviction and gratitude behind it. They then sang one of their most popular songs "Your Cries Have Awoken the Master," and again they had the crowd on its feet toward the end of the song.

After a quick break, they sang another song from Feels Like Sunday, "Unclouded Day." The song featured Kelly, and they had the audience join in with them toward the end of the song.

Mike had someone request "Tell Them That I Love Them," so they sang that next. Then several from the church requested "Call Me Gone." This is one of my favorites that Mike sings. He really outdoes himself on the old Hinson songs.

They called Chopper Ward (or as Mike called him, Chipper) to join them on the last song, which was "Through the Fire." I don't know that I've ever seen them stage this song at a Bowling Family concert. They had Chopper sing the verses, and they joined him on the chorus. It was a great end to the concert with the audience on its feet again.

I love how seeing the Bowling Family is different every time. Sure they stage many of the same songs, but each concert is unique. You never know how you will be blessed by one of their songs or how something they say will touch you and be exactly what you need to hear.

This group not only amazes me with their singing and vocal ability, but also personally about how genuine they are. You can tell how they really have this calling on their lives and see this as a ministry that God has given them. They make sure that He is the one who is praised.

It was such a great afternoon seeing them! My only complaint was that they could have sang a little longer. :) Don't miss the Bowling Family if they are in your area! It hadn't been too long since I had seen them recently, but I definitely don't want to miss out the next time they are close!

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  1. The only person that sounds like Kenny is Weston, his son! Mike is a great second...


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