Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Carrying Over Themes

When I first heard the Talleys' new CD Love Won, I was interested to find the song "Broken World." It's a theme that is familiar to the group. This song refers more to how broken the world we live in is. However, it gives us the promise that it's not for long.

"Broken World" seems to be a followup to one of my favorite Talleys' songs and probably one of their most popular, "The Broken Ones." I love the message and the heart of that song. It shares how a girl named Maggie has a heart for those who are broken just as Christ does. It encourages listeners to see others as Christ does.

These are not the only two songs of the Talleys' where the theme of brokenness is apparent. In Lauren Talley's song "The Extra Mile," "broken ones" is also mentioned:

"Love goes the extra mile
And gives itself away
It reaches to the broken ones
To help restore their faith..."

It's interesting to see how the Talleys use this theme not only in multiple songs but over several projects.

Are there other groups that carry over themes like this? Can you think of examples?


  1. Does the theme of Heaven count? :)

    1. Haha! Including themes like Heaven and the cross could prove to be a rather lengthy list! :)


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