Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What About Now - When Lyrics Speak

Sometimes lyrics speak in hard times when you need encouragement or a reminder that God’s still there. Other times lyrics speak words of conviction. One of the most convicting songs I’ve heard recently is “What About Now” by the Booth Brothers.

I applaud the Booth Brothers for recording this type of song. We need songs that challenge believers as much as encourage them. Michael Booth had the idea for this song, and then went to Jim Brady who was able to craft it into such a great, lyrically-strong song!

The song asks, "What about now?" So many times we concentrate on the peace and the assurance that comes from knowing Christ because of a prayer we prayed. This is a key factor in our faith, but it’s not all there is to it. If all we have to show for our faith is the day that we accepted Christ, it’s not going to prove much. It’s how we are living out our faith. What about now? Is there evidence seen by those you’re around? This song is extremely thought-provoking for Christians and really makes you think about what your relationship with Christ is based on.

While I know that I’m a Christian, and those around me may know that I go to church, do they see my relationship with Christ from my daily actions? Do I love those around me like I should? Do I immediately point to the moment I was saved when people ask me about my relationship with Christ or can they see that in my life?

The part that’s the most convicting to me says: “Do you love God and others? Are you drawn to His Word? Do you feel convicted of sin? Are you sharing the Good News? Forsaking what’s wrong? Have you stood faithful and strong?”

These words stopped me in my tracks. Am I drawn to His Word? Do I miss it if I don’t spend time in His Word? Do I really desire that time alone with God like I should? How long has it been since I’ve shared the gospel with others? Do I show Christ’s love to others?

At the beginning of the year, one of my resolutions was to make sure I spent time with God daily in His Word. There are times in my life when I've been very consistent in this, but at times when I've found it so easy to skip a day or two. So far, it's a resolution I’ve kept it, but it’s only March. I can definitely tell a difference when I rush through just to say I’ve done it and other days when I spend longer, more quality time reading and studying.

I encounter people every day who need Christ. What am I doing to actively share Christ with them? Do I love people like I should? I'm still praying through ways to open those doors of communication more to share the gospel with them.

This song definitely made me think about how my actions daily reflect my faith and my relationship with Christ. It made me examine some areas of my life and make changes so that my life better reflected Christ. That relationship started with a prayer, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about now.

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  1. It equally uplifted my soul too. Practical Christianity is what we really need now. Are we what we profess to be? Are people being drawn to Christ when they look at us? Being christian is all about revealing God's character to the world.
    Praise God for the lyrics.


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