Friday, March 9, 2012

Fun Clip Friday - Karen Peck and New River

I saw Brian Free and Assurance in concert last night in Hot Springs! The downpour that we drove in most of the way to get there was well worth it! They sang most of the songs that I was hoping they would. The only exception was "Looking for a City." I was really hoping to hear it, since this clip had started circulating online again. I shared it with my friends a couple of weeks ago, so I was hoping they would get to hear Brian Free's version live. Look for a full concert recap early next week!

Are you ready for another Fun Clip Friday? Karen Peck and New River is one of my favorite groups. A highlight of their concerts is always hearing Karen tell funny stories on the road. If you haven't watched this interview with her talking about Susan's boots, you should. It will be sure to make you laugh!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!! Anyone going to any southern gospel concerts this weekend or coming up that they are looking forward to? Would love to hear about them!

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