Monday, March 19, 2012

He Gives a Song - Murray Family - CD Review

He Gives a Song is the debut project of the Murray Family with Crossroads. I had not heard of the Murray Family before, but definitely want to hear more after this!

The group consists of husband and wife, Ernie and Connie Murray. Their two sons, Jason and Chris, and their wives, Emily and Cindy, make up the rest of the group. They have a strong family blended sound. This CD is had a more traditional, family-style Southern gospel feel.

Song list:

“What Heaven Means to Me” – The album starts with the known Vestal Goodman song. The family definitely did Vestal proud on this song. Great way to start the project! The song features Connie, the mother of the group.

“Sufficient Grace” – This one of my favorite songs on the project! The song has a beautiful message reminding listeners of God’s great grace and the promise we have in Him. Emily is the featured vocalist on the verses. There are some great harmony vocals on the chorus of the song.

“I’m Going Where He Lives” – This song has a slower, country feel. The song holds the promise of one day going to Heaven and seeing our Savior face to face.

“He Will Deliver Me” – This song features Cindy. The song is a great reminder of how Christ has delivered in the past and He will deliver us as well no matter what we are going through.

“Lazarus” – This a cappella song really features the family’s tight harmonies. For me, this was a shining moment of the album that really shows off their vocal abilities.

“He’s Alive” – It’s a great, up-tempo song. The song has a strong Easter message. With most
“Easter” songs being slower, I found this song a breath of fresh air.

“Rise Up and Walk” – This song is their first single off the project. It features Chris and tells the story of Christ healing the lame. It’s a beautiful song with a wonderful message and a perfect first single! 

“Hills of Old Judea” – The group adds a bluegrass feel with this song. The chorus of the song picks up some lines from the hymn “Lily of the Valley.”

“To the Glory of My Father” – This song is one of complete praise and adoration to our Lord. It recognizes all the wonderful things that God has done for us.

“It Won’t Be Long” – The last song on the project has a very traditional, classic Southern gospel feel. It talks about how it won’t be much longer until we will be going home to Heaven.

Personal Favorites: “Sufficient Grace,” “Lazarus,” “He’s Alive,” “Rise Up and Walk”

I strongly encourage you to listen to the Murray Family. Be sure to check out He Gives a Song, you will not be disappointed! The CD releases on March 20. For more on the Murray Family, go to

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