Monday, March 26, 2012

Class Act - Mark Trammell Quartet Concert Review

Saturday night I made the drive down to South Arkansas to see the Mark Trammell Quartet. I was at their concert early in March, but I was going with my best friend who had never seen them. I still say that this group is at the top. Their sound is the best it's ever been in my opinion.

Here was the song list for the night:

  • "Hallelujah, I'm Going Home"
  • "How Big Is God"
  • "An Old Convention Song"
  • "Glory Road"
  • "Echoes From the Burning Bush"
  • "Wedding Music"
  • "Testimony"
  • "How Long Has It Been"
  • "Loving the Lamb"
  • "I Want to Know"
  • "Bloodwashed Band"
  • "That Day at Calvary"
  • "I Thirst"
  • "Boundless Love"
  • "It's Almost Over"

Standout points to me:

I love that the set list was not the same. I don't like when groups don't change up the songs and order and instead go completely "by the list." They did sing the majority of the same songs, but in a different order, and it's the songs that people would be disappointed if they didn't sing. I was glad to hear "Boundless Love," it's one of my favorites.

"How Big Is God" is always a highlight of the concert for me! I love hearing Pat Barker sing this song. Someone from the audience requested "I Thirst," which I had not heard him sing before. It was such a great song that featured his voice as well. He is one of the best bass vocalists in the business, no doubt.

I've never heard them sing "Loving the Lamb" better than they did on Saturday night! It was such a great moment! You could sense the power and conviction behind what they were singing. The best moment of the concert to me!!

They are such a fun group to watch! Their antics back and forth and how they pick on each other. You can tell that they love what they are doing and enjoy being on stage with each other. 

If the Mark Trammell Quartet is even close to your area, don't miss them! They are a class act all the way around. You won't regret making the drive to see them!

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