Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Everyday Miracle - Spoken 4 Quartet - CD Review

Spoken 4 is a quartet based out of Branson, Missouri. The group is anchored by founding members lead Jon Charles Taggart and bass Cecil Stringer to help them produce the same consistent, quality sound since the group's inception.

Their latest project is Everyday Miracle. It has 12 songs that includes a little bit for everyone. From modern worship songs to hymns to progressive to country, this quartet proves their versatility.

The project starts with "The One Thing." The song has a great, progressive sound. It's got a great guitar in the mix. It's refreshing that the one thing that doesn't change and we can always count on is God in our lives.

"Can't Keep a Good Man Down" is one of my favorites on this project. It's got a great country sound that again is more out of the box for Southern Gospel. You can't help but tap your foot along. I love that they are bringing all these songs to gospel fans.

Bass singer Cecil Stringer sings the Larry Gatlin song "Light at the End of the Darkness." Cecil shows that he's one of those guys who is not just a great bass singer but a great singer. It's good to see them bring this song back.

The title track was actually penned by tenor singer Brandon Britton. Jon Charles takes the feature on this song. Sometimes we don't need the Red Sea parting-moments, we just need an everyday miracle, a smile or a prayer. We forget how those simple things that we are all called to do can affect people. I love how the song makes you think about those things. Jon Charles does a great job of communicating these convicting lyrics.

Some fans might recognize songwriter Brian Arnold from the group Chosen Few (another Branson-based quartet). Spoken 4 covers a song that the group previously recorded, "What Would Jesus Do." Brian also wrote "Lay It Down." It's so comforting that God encourages us to take our burdens to Him and just lay it down. My favorite cut of his on the project is "Jesus Cried," which tells the story of Lazarus. The song features Brandon who shows a great tender side to his voice. It really offers a unique perspective on what Jesus' tears were really for that day.

The project includes two more contemporary worship songs, "Come Now Is the Time to Worship" and "Our God Saves." The first features baritone Steven Hickinbotham and doesn't stray much from what you would be used to hearing in church except the bass notes. Jon Charles is featured on the latter.

The album closes with the beloved hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul." It's just the guys and a piano. Traditional quartet and gospel fans will find themselves hitting repeat over and over on this one.

Seriously, this project has something for everyone. If you're not familiar with this group, let this be the first project you pick up of theirs. You're guaranteed to find something you'll love. I think it's their strongest project to date!

Song List -
1. "The One Thing"
2. "Lay It Down"
3. "Come Now Is the Time to Worship"
4. "Jesus Cried"
5. "Our God Saves"
6. "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"
7. "Light at the End of the Darkness"
8. "Everyday Miracle"
9. "Can't Shake Jesus"
10. "More Than Enough"
11. "What Would Jesus Do"
12. "It Is Well With My Soul"

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