Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Resurrection - Joseph Habedank - CD Review

Joseph Habedank's latest solo CD released from Daywind Records last Friday. Resurrection is a collection of 10 songs all co-written by Joseph. Joseph's first solo release Welcome Home was one of the best projects of 2014, so it set the bar high for his second release.

The project starts out with a dramatic intro that sounds like it came straight out of a movie with the song "Here He Comes." The song goes through Jesus' life and then ultimately His coming again. This is actually his first single. 

"Jailbreak" takes a different style with a heavy guitar sound. It's a fun uptempo take on the story of Paul and Silas in jail when an earthquake occurs.

One of my favorite songs on the project is "Just When You Thought." This great ballad shows the tender side of Joesph's vocals. You can hear the vulnerability in his voice. Another great ballad is "I Love You (From an Old Rugged Cross)." It offers a unique perspective on Christ's death from his point of view.

"I Believe in the Resurrection" has that soulful, gospel feel. The background singers give it a bit of a choir feel. "Say the Name" is a great ballad that features the background singing of Joseph's wife Lindsay. It reminds you of how precious and powerful the name of Jesus is.

You can't help but tap your foot along to "Devil Can't Dance." It's a great uptempo song co-written by Jimmy Yeary. It's a fun song but also a reminder that ultimately the devil will be powerless against us as children of God.

The project ends with "Long Live the King" reemphasizing the theme of the album.

It's already been a strong year for solo releases, and Joseph's project just adds to that. Welcome Home set the bar high, but Joseph has raised the bar once again with Resurrection. I predict it's going to be one of the best of 2017. He shows that a solo album can still have a lot of diversity and really something for everyone. Every song really fits the theme of the album, but everyone offers a different musical journey to get there.

It's a must buy album for any gospel music fan!

Song to put on repeat: "Just When You Thought"

Songs to turn up: "Jailbreak," "Devil Can't Dance," "Dead Things"

Songs to give a second listen (those songs that don't necessarily stand out on a first listen-through but then become a "repeat" song): "I Love You (From an Old Rugged Cross)" and "Say the Name"

Song List -
1. "Here He Comes"
2. "Jailbreak"
3. "Just When You Thought"
4. "I Believe in the Resurrection"
5. "Middle Man"
6. "Devil Can't Dance"
7. "I Love You (From an Old Rugged Cross)"
8. "Dead Things"
9. "Say the Name"
10. "Long Live the King"

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