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In Case You Missed It - News and Tidbits - March 21

Since I was gone all weekend and the Singing News Fan awards nominees were announced yesterday, I decided to push back the news post a little bit. So here are a few news items from last week and first part of this week for you -

  • Michael Helwig and the Blackwood Brothers announced that Michael will come off the road full-time with the group. Due to his health, he doesn't feel like he can travel full-time, but still plans to make appearances with the group from time to time.
  • The Loretta Lynn Ranch will once again be the home of the 2017 Gospel Music Festival in September. Watch the website for more details.
  • Pray for Eli Fortner with the McKameys who has been admitted to the hospital because of kidney-related health issues. 
  • Steve Sam, owner of Praise Incorporated, announced Jeremy Partlow as the group's new tenor.
  • The Singing News Fan Awards Top 10 Nominees were announced yesterday on Singing News Radio. See the full list of nominees below (with a little bit of commentary) - 
New Artist
Cana’s Voice
Franks, Josh & Ashley
High Road
Master’s Promise
Sheldon Family
Sherry Anne
Logan Smith

Young Artist
Hope Bowling — Bowling Family
Autumn Nelon Clark — Nelons
Trevor Conkle — Hoppers
Morgan Easter — Jeff & Sheri Easter
Katie Erwin — Erwins
Kari Gooch — Karen Peck & New River
Kennedy Hayes — Mylon Hayes Family
Karlye Hopper — Hoppers
Logan Smith — Soloist
Josh Townsend — LeFevre Quartet
** Good to see so many second generation singers on here. Missing Austin Whisnant here.

Mark Bishop
Jim Brady
Gerald Crabb
Karen Peck Gooch
Rodney Griffin
Joseph Habedank
Ronny Hinson
Scott Inman
Kyla Rowland
Dianne Wilkinson
** Would like to have seen Kenna Turner West with a nomination here.

Radio Station
KJIC—Houston, TX
KTTK—Lebanon, MO
KWFC—Springfield, MO
WCON—Cornelia, GA
WEMM—Huntington, WV
WGUS—Augusta, GA
WHQA—Greenville, SC
WJBZ—Knoxville, TN
WXRI—Winston Salem, NC

Kim Collingsworth — Collingsworth Family
Bryan Elliott — Gold City
Mike Hopper — Hoppers
Trey Ivey — Legacy Five
Gordon Mote — Soloist
Josh Singletary — Tribute Qt
Jeff Stice — Soloist
Andy Stringfield — Kingdom Heirs
Kevin Williams — Gaither Vocal Band
Gerald Wolfe — Greater Vision

Peg McKamey Bean —McKameys
Sonya Browder — Browders
Kelly Nelon Clark — Nelons
Sheri Easter — Jeff & Sheri Easter
Connie Hopper — Hoppers
Susan Peck Jackson — Karen Peck & New River
Courtney Metz — Collingsworth Family
Libbi Stuffle — Perrys
Debra Talley — Talleys
Susan Whisnant — Whisnants
**Missing Becky Isaacs Bowman here in my opinion.

Brooklyn Blair — Collingsworth Family
Melissa Brady — Jim Brady Trio
Katie Erwin — Erwins
Connie Fortner —McKameys
Karen Peck Gooch —Karen Peck & New River
TaRanda Greene — Cana’s Voice
Kim Hopper — Hoppers
Lauren Talley — Talleys
Amber Nelon Thompson — Nelons
Sonya Isaacs Yeary — Isaacs
**Would like to have seen Kelly Bowling here.

Chris Allman — Greater Vision
Michael Booth — Booth Brothers
Riley Clark — Tribute Quartet
Josh Feemster — Legacy Five
Brian Free — Brian Free & Assurance
Ernie Haase — Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Jerry Martin — Kingdom Heirs
Jeremy Peace — LeFevre Quartet
David Phelps — Gaither Vocal Band
David Sutton — Triumphant Quartet

Ronnie Booth — Booth Brothers
Jim Brady — Jim Brady Trio
Gary Casto —Tribute Quartet
Scott Fowler — Legacy Five
Michael Helwig —Blackwood Brothers
Dean Hopper —Hoppers
Clayton Inman —Triumphant Quartet
Arthur Rice — Kingdom Heirs
Bill Shivers —Brian Free & Assurance
Gerald Wolfe — Greater Vision
**Would like to have seen Mike Bowling's and Nick Trammel's names here.

Rodney Griffin — Greater Vision
Loren Harris —Kingdom Heirs
Scott Howard —Legacy Five
Scott Inman —Triumphant Quartet
Paul Lancaster — Booth Brothers
Mike LeFevre — LeFevre Quartet
Daniel Riley —Gold City
Mike Rogers —Brian Free & Assurance
Josh Singletary —Tribute Quaret
Mark Trammell —Mark Trammell Quartet

Eric Bennett —Triumphant Quartet
Randy Byrd —Mark Trammell Quartet
Jeff Chapman —Kingdom Heirs
Tim Duncan —Canton Junction
Anthony Davis —Tribute Quartet
Matt Fouch — Legacy Five
Paul Harkey —Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Butch Owens — Blackwood Brothers
Ray Dean Reese — Kingsmen
Chris West — Gold City

Dixie Echoes Band
Hoppers Band
Inspirations Band
Isaacs Band
Jason Crabb Band
Jeff & Sheri Easter Band
Kingdom Heirs Band
McKameys Band
Primitive Quartet Band
Southern Raised Band 

Pat Barker
Mark Bishop
Jason Crabb
Michael English
Joseph Habedank
Steve Ladd
Gordon Mote
Ivan Parker
Squire Parsons
Guy Penrod

11th Hour
Booth Brothers
Brian Free & Assurance
Bowling Family
Greater Vision
Jim Brady Trio
**Can't believe Jeff and Sheri Easter didn't make this list!

Mixed Group 
Collingsworth Family
Karen Peck & New River
Mylon Hayes Family

Traditional Quartet 
Blackwood Brothers
Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Gold City
Kingdom Heirs
LeFevre Quartet
Legacy Five
Mark Trammell Quartet
Tribute Quartet
Triumphant Quartet 

Between Here & Heaven — Booth Brothers
Faith & Family — Hyssongs
Full Sail — Mark Trammell Quartet
Here For You — Tribute Quartet
In The Hands Of A Carpenter — Legacy Five
Life Is Good — Hoppers
Live From The Smokies — Wilburn & Wilburn
Live Like We’re Redeemed — Brian Free & Assurance
Nature's Symphony In 432 — Isaacs
Promises — Jim Brady Trio
**Refreshing from Second Half Quartet and This Changes Everything by Cana's Voice were in my top albums for the year, but since neither are full-time touring groups, I can't remember if they were eligible.

"Calling" —Karen Peck & New River
"He Does" — Greater Vision
"I Love You This Much" — Whisnants
"If We Ever Gotta Look" — Hoppers
"It’s What He’s Done" —Wilburn & Wilburn
"Living In The Promised Land" —Triumphant Quartet
"My Father’s House" —Nelons
"Never Forsaken" —Tribute Quartet
"Somebody’s Miracle" —Brian Free & Assurance
"Still" — Legacy Five
**I would have added "Jesus Never Fails" here by Cana's Voice and "Small Town Someone" by Jeff and Sheri Easter.

Favorite Artist 
Booth Brothers
Collingsworth Family
Greater Vision
Karen Peck & New River
Kingdom Heirs
Legacy Five
Mark Trammell Quartet
Tribute Quartet
Triumphant Quartet

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