Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top Moments of 2016

Each year, I enjoy looking back at the top moments of the year. I look back at either memorable concerts or moments that I experienced live either in person or via webcast. This year they were all in person and it seemed that they either occurred toward the beginning of the year or toward the end. Here's a look at the top 5 moments of the year -

5. Home for Christmas Tour - It's no secret that I love all things Christmas, so when two top groups (The Whisnants and the Mark Trammell Quartet) team up for a tour chances are it's going to make the list of top moments. I was able to see them on their first night of the tour this year, and it was the perfect night to put you in the Christmas spirit. Not only was it full of great Christmas songs, but they had a few of their newer songs too that made for some great, worshipful moments. Here's the full recap.

4. Sheri Easter testimony - This was a moment that came early in the year in January actually. Jeff and Sheri Easter were in concert in Sherwood, Arkansas. Sheri spoke candidly about life-defining moments, her breast cancer diagnosis and the death of her father at a young age. Life happens to everyone, but it's what we do about it, how we come through it and the perspective we gain from it. She sang "Jesus Loves You," which made for such a touching moment. Read the full concert recap here.

3.  Crabb Family Reunion Concert - Last year this the moment of the year, and it was definitely one of the best this year as well. I love seeing this family together, knowing how much they have been through together and as individuals. It was an incredible night! It was very nostalgic hearing so many classic Crabb Family songs. Read more on the night here.

2. Tribute Quartet concert on Dec. 1 - Ironically, my first and last concert of the year was Tribute Quartet in Ward, Ark. The church liked them so well in January, they had them back in December. And I'm glad they did. You can read my full recap here, but it was one of the sweetest nights of worship I experienced this year.

1. Gospel Music Hymn Sing in Conroe, Texas - This moment was easy to identify. In October, I got the chance to visit a friend in Houston. It happened to be the same weekend as the Gospel Music Hymn Sing in Conroe, Texas. So I took advantage of that trip to pass through Conroe on my way home, and I'm glad I did! Because of the DVD taping, we were allowed to have our phones our during the concert, so I have no real photos or notes, but it's a night I won't forget. The choir from Mims Baptist was amazing. The artists on stage included Greater Vision, Mark Trammell Quartet, the Whisnants, Karen Peck & New River, Jim Brady Trio, the Mylon Hayes Family, Pat Barker and Stan Whitmire. There was such an incredible spirit that night. I loved the hymn singing, and you could hear the entire congregation singing along. I can't wait for the DVD to release soon.

What are some of the top moments you have seen this year?

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