Monday, December 5, 2016

Encouraging Night with the Jim Brady Trio - Concert Recap

The Jim Brady Trio made a stop in Arkansas right before Thanksgiving several weeks ago. This was my first chance to see the group in a full concert since Layke Jones joined Jim and Melissa earlier this year. He's doing a great job rounding out this trio!

The night was full of encouragement. I love concerts like this where the artists through their words and songs speak nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. I was blessed to be there that night!

A local quartet opened the night with a few familiar songs like "Loving God," "Pray About Everything" and "Victory in Jesus" before the Jim Brady Trio took the stage.

Highlights from the night include -
  • "Stepping Out in Faith" - This is such a great song that's really become the theme of the group in their first years of ministry.
  • "That Sounds Like Home to Me" - I love this sweet song about Heaven. They repeated the chorus a cappella, and it was beautiful!
  • "Keep on the Firing Line"
  • "Love of God" - I love their version of this classic song! Melissa told the story of her grandmother before they sang this song. When Melissa was young, she would go visit her grandmother almost every day. Her grandmother lived right across the street from the school, so she would get to go have lunch with her and they would watch The Price is Right together. They had a close relationship, but her grandmother didn't know Jesus. When Melissa invited her to church, her grandmother still didn't want any part of a personal relationship. Later in life, her grandmother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Melissa prayed that her grandmother wouldn't die without accepting Christ. She didn't realize that in addition to her family the pastor's wife from the nearby church was also praying and visiting her grandmother every week. Before she passed away, her grandmother accepted Christ one afternoon sitting with the pastor's wife. Melissa said God reminded her during that time that God loves us so much He gives us a will of our own to choose Him. When we really stop to think about how amazing the love of God is, the thought is overwhelming. 
  • "Tell Me" - Jim's sister, Marla, and her husband Keith are traveling with the group now. Jim pulled his sister up to join them on this song. She also was featured on "Consider the Lilies."
  • "Every Cry is Heard" - This is one of my favorite songs that Jim has written! He actually wrote this song for his sister when she was first diagnosed with cancer. It's such a sweet reminder of how God always hears us and cares about us. Jim talked about how great it is to look back on our life and see how God has answered us and worked in every detail of our lives. He cares about every difficulty in our life. He loves the world, but He is a personal God. 
  • Booth Brothers fans also were not disappointed with the trio singing several songs from Jim's days with the male trio like "All Over the World," "I Have an Anchor" and "When He Saved Me." 

Be sure to check out the group's schedule to know when they are in your area!

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