Friday, December 30, 2016

Top CDs of 2016

It's time to look at the best of 2016. There were many "must-buy" projects this year, but who came out on top? Of the 25 projects I reviewed that were released this year, here's my list of top 10 -

10. Undivided - Master's Voice 
Favorite songs - "Lord of Mercy" and "Everything the Blood Touches"

9. Only Faith Can See - The Erwins
Favorite songs - "Chasing After You" and "He's My Everything"

8. Family Harmony/ Stronger Together - The Nelons
The Nelons released two projects this year on the same day. I went back and forth on this, but decided to call it a tie and put them in the same spot at #8. 
Favorite songs - "We Shall Behold Him," "I Just Can't Make It By Myself," "Family Chain" and "You Can't Make Old Friends"

7. In the Hands of a Carpenter - Legacy Five
Favorite songs - "In the Hands of a Carpenter" and "Grace Will Find You"

6. Life Is Good - The Hoppers
Favorite songs - "Jesus, the One" and "Life Is Good"

5. This Changes Everything - Cana's Voice
Favorite songs - "Jesus Never Fails," "Same Hands" and "All My Reasons Are You"

4. Refreshing - Second-Half Quartet
Favorite songs - "Cheer the Weary Traveler," "Remind Me of Calvary" and "The Prodigal Son"

3. What a Moment - 11th Hour
Favorite songs - "When God Shows Up," "He Welcomes the Beggar" and "I Trust"

2. Nature's Symphony in 432 - The Isaacs
Favorite songs - "Rocks," "I Love You More" and "This Is the Year"

1. Here for You - Tribute Quartet
Favorite songs - "Nothing Stops the Savior's Love," "God of the Storms" and "Somebody Sing Me That Song"

When I first heard Tribute's new project this year, I knew it was the best they had ever released. Every song on the project is worthy of repeating. It was hard just picking the top three of my favorite songs. To me, this was the best CD released in 2016.

What are your top albums of 2016?

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