Thursday, June 9, 2016

Undeniable - Spoken 4 Quartet - CD Review

Spoken 4 Quartet, based out of Branson, Missouri, consists of Brandon Britton, Jon Charles Taggart, Steven Hickinbotham and Cecil Stringer. The quartet's latest project is entitledUndeniable. It's actually the group's 11th. If you have not heard of this quartet before, it's time for that to change!

The album starts with the first single "Hope Was Carved in a Rolling Stone." The song has a country feel that really shows off the group sound. Great choice for the single!

"A King and a Pauper" features lead singer Jon Charles. The song has a bit of a suspenseful tone with a lot of strings. Lyrically, this song is a great story song. Who are you going to follow, a king or a pauper? What you have in the world really doesn't matter, what matters is how you are prepared to go into eternity.

The style switches to a great traditional quartet song, "Joy Comes in the Morning." "There'll Be No Peace 'Til Jesus Comes Again" is in that same traditional vein featuring bass singer Cecil Stringer. "Some Dawning" is another great quartet number where you hear tenor Brandon Britton show off his range.

The tempo slows down a bit with "God's Gonna See You Through." The song is such a great encouragement to believers. He knows, sees and hears everything we go through. No matter what we may be facing, He will see us through.

Bass singer fans, do not miss "There Is a Light." You'll hear just how low Cecil can go. The end of the song is just with a piano, so it really shows off the vocals.

"Covered" is a fun uptempo song that features Brandon. His smooth vocals are really showcased on this song. I like how they added a little bit of the live concert element to this song with clapping at the end.

"Grace Runs Deeper" is a highlight of the project. The chorus really shows the great blend the quartet has. I love the message of the song and how it portrays how deep God's grace is. Jon Charles does a great job on this song. The project ends with the patriotic song, "God's Not Through With the Red, White and Blue."

Like I said, if you haven't heard of this group, you have been missing out and pick up this project today!

Song List -

  1. "Hope Was Carved in a Rolling Stone"
  2. "A King and a Pauper"
  3. "Joy Comes in the Morning"
  4. "There'll Be No Peace 'Til Jesus Comes Again"
  5. "God's Gonna See You Through"
  6. "Some Dawning"
  7. "There Is a Light"
  8. "Covered"
  9. "Grace Runs Deeper"
  10. "God's Not Through With the Red, White & Blue"

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