Monday, June 20, 2016

Scott Brand Is Gold City's New Lead Singer - News

I was able to go to the Memphis Quartet Show on Saturday. It was an incredible night of gospel music, but also an exciting announcement was made. Gold City chose to announce that Scott Brand would be the group's new lead singer Saturday night. I had the chance to see Scott on his first weekend filling in/ trying out with the group. I think he's a great fit!

Here's the full release below from Gold City -

Daniel Riley, manager of Gold City, is pleased to announce Gold City’s new lead vocalist is Scott Brand. Scott is from Lineville, AL. He and his wife, Caitln, have a one-year-old daughter, Brelynn Scott’s hiring became official with a major announcement made tonight in Memphis, TN, appropriately at the Memphis Quartet Show.

Daniel says, “Scott Brand is a singing machine! I am thrilled to have his voice in our vocal line-up. Musically, he was a top contender from the moment I heard him, and then when he went out on the road with us the first weekend, I quickly realized what a fine gentleman he is as well. He fits right in with our group off stage, and that’s equally as important as what you see happen on stage. We are very excited to introduce him to our friends and fans all across the country, and will be heading into the studio very soon for a late summer or early fall release. We thank everyone who has prayed for us during this hiring process, and we as for your continued prayers for this ministry as we continue to use our talents to the best of our ability for the glory of God.”

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