Thursday, June 16, 2016

This Changes Everything - Cana's Voice - CD Review

When I first got the opportunity to see the trio of Doug Anderson, TaRanda Greene and Jody McBrayer, I was blown away. Inside the Southern Gospel circle, fans will recognize those first two names from their days with Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and the Greenes, respectively. Outside Southern Gospel, Jody McBrayer may be the name people know the most from his days with the popular CCM group Avalon. When videos first started circulating of the newly formed trio, I knew this was something special being born, and it is.

The trio has officially been named Cana's Voice. And this is probably the album I was looking forward to hearing this year the most. With 13 songs, This Changes Everything did not disappoint in the least!

The project kicks off with "Heavenly Father," which acknowledges our need for our Father. This song was written and recorded by CeCe Winans in the early 2000s. Right away you see the blend the group has on the chorus on this song.

Doug is featured on "I Give It To You." It's another uptempo song that reminds me a bit of "Greater" style-wise recorded by the Erwins and MercyMe (in the CCM circle). Doug is also featured on "Love Anyway," which also has a more progressive sound. Another great song!

"Jesus Never Fails" is the highlight of the project!! It was the perfect choice for the first single. It features all three singers individually and the great blend they have. It shows what powerhouse singers are three are. Also, I love the orchestration and the build up of the song. If you want a taste of the album, download just this song, listen to it, and then you'll want the complete album! :)

"On Mountains Alone" is a great song for TaRanda. I think it really fits her story and testimony well. We've all been through rough times of life, but it's better to walk with Him through valleys than stand on mountains alone. Love the message of the song! TaRanda again shows off her power vocals on this song! She is also featured on "The Same Hands." Love the contrast of the tender side of her voice at the beginning and then how she lets it soar at the end!

Jody McBrayer steps up on "All My Reasons Are You." Fans might recognize this song because LordSong recorded it several years ago. Jody has an incredible voice. His smooth vocals really shine on this song. The song definitely has a CCM feel. Another song where Jody is featured along with TaRanda is "Hello Fear," which has a more R&B feel.

"There Is a Mountain" is a song that was previously recorded by the Gaither Vocal Band. It's one of the more Southern Gospel songs. The arrangement isn't too far from the original. I like the horns and the brass touch. It's a song that you can't help but clap along to!

I'm used to hearing "I Won't Go Back" as a choral arrangement. My church choir has sung it several times. I like this version with a trio. This song probably showcases all three singers the best. The vocals are just spot on.

The closing song, "Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place," is a great worship song. Jody is incredible on this song!

The trio has obviously been influenced by different styles within Christian music, but don't let the fact that it's not a straight Southern Gospel project deter you from picking it up! Vocally, I don't know how you top this album. You have three incredible powerhouse singers. It's a must-have album in your collection!

Song List - 
1. "Heavenly Father"
2. "I Give It To You"
3. "Jesus Never Fails"
4. "On Mountains Alone"
5. "All My Reasons Are You"
6. "Love Anyway"
7. "His Heart Is Big Enough"
8. "There Is a Mountain"
9. "The Same Hands"
10. "Let the Blood Speak for Me"
11. "Hello Fear"
12. "I Won't Go Back"
13. "Holy Spirit Come Fill This Place"

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