Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Only One - Doug Anderson - CD Review

Doug Anderson embarked on his soloist journey last year. He left Ernie Haase and Signature Sound where he had been since the group's beginning. However, this is not his first solo project. Drive was a top album in 2014, and Doug makes another splash with The Only One.

The thing I love about Doug is how diverse he can be as a soloist. This project is definitely a testament to that from country to soulful to traditional gospel, he can tackle it all.

The project starts with a strong country sounding "The Only One," the title track and first single. The song is a reminder that God is the only One we need. The song will have you tapping your foot along with it.

The country vibe continues with "Little White Church." It's a great tribute to that small country church that many of us grew up in. I know this song will resonate with many listeners.

"Jesus Saved Me (When I Could Not Save Myself" has a traditional gospel feel with a choir backing him up. This is definitely a standout track on the project. "I Don't Know How He Did It" has a similar feel with the choir.

"Tell Me That's Not God" has a bit of a contemporary Christian feel. The song talks about all those "God moments" we experience and can take for granted.

Going again with a country vibe, "Thirsty World" could really transfer well over to country radio. It's one of those life songs that really speaks to how we should be more aware of those around us. We need to let God's love pour out from us to the people we come in contact with each day.

There are several songs with a love theme, "Only Room for Love," "Enough Love to Go Around" and "Remember That He Loves You." The first two definitely have a more contemporary feel. The third song has a bit more of a Michael Buble feel, great song from Rachel McCutcheon and Sue Smith. I can see this being a style song that the Ball Brothers would also cut. Love really is the theme of the entire album. It's a good mix of talking about how we should love others and how God loves us.

My favorite track of the album is probably "Thorns." It's a challenging ballad that really makes you think about those thorns in your life and how you view those challenges in life. Lyrically it's one of the strongest songs on the project but of course with a writing team of Lee Black, Kenna West and Tony Wood, you wouldn't expect anything else. I might have chosen this song as an album closer.

"Don't Miss the Sunset" is a precious song that is full of sound fatherly advice. Don't take a moment for granted on earth; don't miss the sunset. There's a sweet recitation at the end dedicated to his daughters.

Things are only looking up for Doug Anderson with this release. It's his third release as a soloist, and I think his best yet! He's also doing some group dates with the newly formed Cana's Voice, who just released their first album. Don't miss picking up your copy of The Only One. 

Song List -
1. "The Only One"
2. "Little White Church House"
3. "Jesus Saved Me (When I Could Not Save Myself)
4. "Tell Me That's Not God"
5. "Thirsty World"
6. "God Speed the Day"
7. "Only Room for Love"
8. "Enough Love to Go Around"
9. "I Don't Know How He Did It"
10. "Remember That He Loves You"
11. "Thorns"
12. "Don't Miss the Sunset"

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