Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Transformation Tuesday - Amber Nelon Thompson

Amber Nelon Thompson grew up in gospel music. She made appearances on stage as a young child and quickly it became apparent what a talent and gift she had. Amber was featured on the Gaither Homecoming series before she was a teenager. Here's a clip of her singing on the Heaven DVD (If you're in the mood for Christmas, here's a clip that predates that one.). It was easy to tell even then that Amber was destined to be a singer not only with her vocal abilities but also how she felt the song.

Since 2002 at the ripe age of 13, Amber has been the soprano singer for the Nelons. Since that time she has grown into one of the premier female vocalist not just for her age but for all of Southern Gospel. Amber has had the chance to go on a national platform and decided that her commitment to Christ was more important. Musicscribe named her as the best female vocalist of 2013, and I definitely agree with their decision. Here's a look at Amber now -

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