Monday, January 13, 2014

Braving the Cold with the Talleys - Concert Recap

The Talleys - Roger, Lauren and Debra
The Talleys braved the cold Monday night and made their way to Central Arkansas. With temperatures in the teens, the crowd wasn't what it could have been, but for those of us who did brave the weather it was well worth it!

The Talleys started with "Bless the Lord/ My Tribute" which is on their new project, Test of Time. Lauren then was featured on "The Promise," one of favorites that they sing. Then Roger sang "Every Scar."

Debra told the story of Angel next. I've heard her tell this a couple of times now, but it never gets old. Debra saw a young lady in a Walmart parking lot one day holding a sign in need of money. The lady was a Christian and felt embarrassed about having to ask for money. Debra helped the lady and asked to pray for her. As she was praying, she realized she didn't know her name. She asked, and the lady said it was Angel. She said God spoke to her as she left Angel that it could be her asking for money on a Walmart parking lot if not for God's grace. This set up the song "Amazing Grace" that featured Debra.

They picked up the tempo with "When He Calls Me I'll Fly Away" which is one from their new project. Lauren was featured on another song from that project next. The song is entitled "Hidden Heroes," and the writer, Sharon Phillips, of the song was there that night. Lauren said it was some of the most powerful lyrics she had ever heart, and one verse of the song perfectly described her dad's parents. She watched as a hard man became so gentle after caring for his wife in sickness and in health. She learned through their example what those words and for better or for worse truly mean. She said you don't really love until you serve, and true love is serving someone who can give you nothing in return. After hearing the song, I have to agree with Lauren, it's some of the most powerful lyrics I've ever heard. Beautiful song and great delivery by Lauren.

Before the break, they sang "Up Above" which will be the #1 song for February. It's a great song, and Roger and Lauren sound great on it. They ended with "He's Alive." Perfect song to end the first half!

They started the second half with "Isn't the Love of Jesus Something Wonderful?" and then sang "Searchin.'" It was good to hear this one live again.

Then Debra was featured on "Thinking About Home."I love hearing her sing this song and her incredible alto voice really does the song justice.

The last song of the night was "The Broken Ones." The last chorus of the song, Lauren took down her microphone and just sang. She is great at really capturing a moment. She communicates lyrics in a way that no other artist does. Amazing moment!!

The night ended with a challenge to us all. Lauren had been waiting in line at Chickfila at lunch that day when she noticed a group of teenagers who were unusually quiet. As she watched them she noticed they were hearing impaired and had a interpreter with them. She said what an amazing thing that interpreter does for them. Something as simple as ordering chicken we take for granted. The interpreter does what she does because she cares. How many of us fail to see the needs of ordinary people around us? Lauren challenged us to think about how we have the opportunity every day to touch someone's life by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

It was such a great night of ministry by the Talleys. I was definitely glad that I braved the cold, nasty winter weather to see them! And I know that everyone else that was there felt the same way!

Arkansas readers - Lauren mentioned that she will be leading a women's conference in Fordyce on Feb. 15. For more information, go to

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