Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Transformation Tuesday - Hope Bowling

For many family groups, the children have the chance to make an appearance on stage at an early age. And for some of those kids, it's apparent from a young age that they have a bright future ahead of them. Today's Transformation Tuesday post features one of those kids - Hope Bowling. Hope just this year has taken her place in the Bowling Family singing alongside her parents, Mike and Kelly, and Troy Peach.

Here's a clip of her singing "Jesus Pilots My Ship" from more than four years ago. She had an incredible power voice even then.

Here's a clip of Hope from earlier this year. I have a feeling that she has only begun her transformation. I look forward to seeing a lot more from her in the years to come!

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  1. Good Job, Hope!!! I miss you.. Courtney says "HI"!!!


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