Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Every Cry Is Heard - When Lyrics Speak

Confession time: my prayers have been consumed with myself lately. I've been worrying with what seem like big things to me, but deep down I know in the light of eternity, they aren't so big. When things didn't go completely the way I hoped, it was hard, but as my dad reminded me, "They can't eat you."

However, I'm so thankful though that "Every Cry Is Heard" by the Father. Jim Brady wrote this song with his dad in mind. What has been going on in my life seems so insignificant, but God hears it. When faced with disappointments and crossroads in life, He hears it all. Whether I need guidance about the future or am looking for answers of why things happened the way they did, he hears it all.

He is the One we can depend on to always give us peace and comfort. I love the second verse of this song that speaks of the peace that we can only receive from Him. No matter what you may be going through, He hears us and He will be there by our side.

While my "rough" patch can be so insignificant, He still hears. And more importantly, when I have tough times of uncertainty or great loss, He will be the same God then as well. He hears every cry, and His love is exactly the strength I need in all circumstances.

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