Monday, November 18, 2013

The Erwins - Back to the Basics - CD Review

The Erwin Family is a young family group that consists of siblings Keith (21), Kody (19), Kristopher (17) and Katie (13). Earlier this year, they released a new project entitled Back to the Basics. This is the group's first release as a mixed family group with the addition of sister Katie.

Groups like this one make you certain that the future of gospel music is in capable hands. This group is full of up and coming talent. I had never listened to this group much. And just listening to the project you would never realize they are as young as they are.

The album is a collection of all familiar songs that have been done "Erwin" style. Some will be more familiar than others.

Lone sister Katie does an incredible job on "Send Me." It's a great uptempo song that shows what kind of vocal performance a 13-year-old girl can do.

Kody is the bass for the group and already has an incredible bass voice. I can't wait to hear what he sounds like in a couple of years. He was featured on the classic "Plan of Salvation" for his best feature on the album.

"He Didn't Have the Heart," which Keith and Kris sing, is one of my favorites from the project. These two are also featured on "In Good Hands," which is another strong song.

Another favorite is "When Justice Called, Mercy Answered." This is probably the highlight of the album.

I love the blend that these siblings have. This is especially evident on "That Very Moment," "Heaven's Jubilee" and "Every Question Will Be Answered." I like that they chose to close the album with "Heaven's Jubilee." It's a classic, older song, and it's great to see a fresh spin on the song. The group really shines in the convention type singing.

Album rating - 3.75 stars - After listening to this project, you will be confident that not only does the future of Southern Gospel have a great future, but also the traditional sound will not be lost. I would love to hear more from them with their own songs. The Erwins have an incredible sound already, I can't wait to hear more from this group in years to come.

Song List -
1. "Basics of Life"
2. "Every Question Will Be Answered"
3. "Plan of Salvation"
4. "Send Me"
5. "He Didn't Have the Heart"
6. "That Very Moment"
7. "For What Earthly Reason"
8. "In Good Hands"
9. "When Justice Called, Mercy Answered"
10. "Heaven's Jubilee"

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  1. I have known THE ERWINS for over twenty years and have watched every one of these young people as they have come into the world and each one made their mark in Christian Service. One by one they have developed their talents and put themselves to work for the Lord whom they love. What a great blend of close harmony and creativity they have. I am enjoying watching them move higher each year in the realm of true Southern Gospel music and cant wait to see where the Lord carries them next.


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